Historic Cottages

Explore the rich history of our historic cottages (Discovery, Serenity, and Tranquility).

History of the Miraval Cottages

The Discovery and Serenity Cottages were renovated in 2020 but originate from Wyndhurst Mansion's time as a boys’ preparatory school for several decades in the mid-20th century. The school's student body included Ted Kennedy, who attended 8th grade at the formerly named Cranwell in 1945.

The Discovery and Serenity Cottages served as student resident halls and the eight-room Discovery cottage housed a young Leonard Bernstein, among other emerging musicians studying under Serge Koussevitzky at the BSO Tanglewood Music School.

The 18-room Tranquility Cottage was built in 2012 to replace a structure destroyed by fire in 2010. The new building design respects the historic nature of the property, restoring much of the glory of the circa 1890s structure, which served as Wyndhurst’s Carriage House. The original architectural drawings by Peabody and Stearns Architects were discovered in the Boston Public Library and guided the design of the restored guest space, which incorporates many of the building’s original concepts, such as the tower, upper-level cantilevered floors, rooflines, and gables.

Discovery, Tranquility, and Serenity

The Discovery Cottage (10) has eight guest spaces: three King Rooms, four Double Queen Rooms, and one King Suite with a separate parlor and sleeper sofa.

The Tranquility Cottage (21) has 18 guest spaces: two King Rooms, ten Double Queens, one ADA King Room, four Junior Double Suites, and one King Suite with a separate parlor and sleeper sofa.

The Serenity Cottage (17) has 27 guest spaces: 16 King Rooms, three Double Queen Rooms, one ADA Double Queen Room, five King Suites, and two Double Queen Suites.

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