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Jesse Tobin McCauley

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August 1, 2021 - August 31, 2021


Engaging in art-based activities has been proven to significantly benefit mental and physical wellbeing, and Miraval has understood this for years, offering a variety of art classes, from painting to pottery to photography classes at its resorts. This summer, Miraval will lean into the arts by hosting its first-ever Summer Celebration of the Arts at Miraval Arizona, Miraval Austin, and Miraval Berkshires. The celebration will feature two components: an artist-in-residence series and a concentration in the resorts’ arts programming. Together, the components will celebrate the healing powers of art while also elevating diverse voices in art.


From August 2nd to August 31st, Jesse will be creating a beautiful mural in the tunnel between the two sections of our property that will create A Happy Balance.

Meet Jesse Tobin McCauley

Jesse Tobin McCauley, a painter and graphic designer working in the Berkshires, will stay at Miraval Berkshires as an artist-in-residence for the month of August. While there, she will work on a mural in the tunnel between the two sections of campus and invite guests to watch her work and engage in real-time discussions on how wellness is part of her artistic process.

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Celebrate the Arts

All packages include resort credit to use toward life-enhancing wellness activities, private sessions with specialists, or Life in Balance Spa services.

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    Schedule of Events

    • A Happy Balance with Jesse Tobin McCauley

      • 11:30 AM - 4:30 pm | Monday - Friday (Complimentary)

    Celebration of the Arts

    ARTFUL PHOTOGRAPHY STROLL Unlock the many functions and hidden tricks of your camera phone. Understand how they work to improve light, focus, filters, and panoramic shots. We will also cover the basics of editing right on the phone. This class takes place both inside and outside.

    HANDBUILDING WITH CLAY This class uses the hand-building method of forming a vessel from pre-rolled clay slabs. Create a beautiful mug to share with others as you explore the concepts of giving and receiving. Upon completion, release your clay creation and relinquish ownership to a future guest, who will receive its nurturing benefits. In turn, you may choose a mug, lovingly made by a previous guest, to take with you. Pay it forward in this community-oriented experience of interconnectedness, compassion, and creativity. $

    NEW MANIFEST YOUR DESIRES: A Vision Board Creation What we see before us now is a product of how our beliefs, stories, and mental pictures interact with our environment, genes, and relationships to co-create our world. Vision boarding provides a creative and fun method for manifesting our dreams into reality. $

    RHYTHM & WRITING Absorb the rhythmic and melodic improvisations of live drumming to inspire your writing and anchor your thoughts to a meditative beat. Utilizing a variety of instruments, percussionist Adrian Bennett will improvise spirited compositions to inspire a connection to the present moment and create a deeper space for journaling, poetry, memoir, and art. Take home a signature Miraval journal to continue your practice. $

    THE WAY OF THE WHEEL Learn to center yourself in this journey from clay to vessel by connecting to your body and breath. Allow the spinning clay to free your mind of spinning thoughts and worries, grounding yourself through the task at hand. Explore this process with an open heart as you discover the stillness of connecting with clay in motion. $

    GLAZING This final step in creating a pottery piece offers a unique, meditative experience through craft. The chemistry that takes place within the extreme heat of the kiln can produce unexpected results. Artists spend years developing glazing techniques to achieve their vision while acknowledging that some elements may always lie outside their control. Study practiced glazing methods and glaze an already in-progress work of pottery, creating a special collaborative piece for you to keep. $

    Meet your Leaders

    • Meet Jesse Tobin McCauley

      In a time of chaos and uncertainty let art bring you a sense of calm and fun.

      Jesse is a painter and graphic designer working in the Berkshires. She received her degree from Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles. Jesse has worked as a graphic designer in Los Angeles, New York, and the Berkshires. She also sits on the board of the Berkshire Art Association. As a Pittsfield native, she was a part of the art collective, Group W, that held large-scale exhibitions in a steel fabrication plant in Pittsfield. Her paintings are mixed media on canvas and paper - bursts of bold, bright, saturated color. They evoke a feeling of happiness through the flood of interacting abstract color.

      Currently, she just wrapped up work on 3 large-scale murals on the corner of North Street and Linden Street in Pittsfield — drive by if you need a smile!

      Jesse resides in Pittsfield with her husband Joe, their son Kane and toy poodle Penny.

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