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Crystal Fall Festival

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November 1 - November 30

Harness the Power of Crystals at Miraval Berkshires

Sign up for exclusive Miraval offerings and spa services that help you develop an intuitive relationship with crystals. Crystals, just like people, have different energetic frequencies. Their size, composition, and color help us differentiate their unique qualities. Discover how a crystal’s distinctive geometric and molecular patterns can support and balance your spiritual energy while you are here at Miraval and at home in your daily life.

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Enjoy $175 nightly resort credit, all meals, a complimentary round of golf, unlimited hiking, biking, group fitness classes, yoga, meditation classes, challenge course activities, and more.

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Crystal Healing Techniques

Let crystal healer and spiritual life coach, Lindsey Banis, share self-healing crystal energy techniques.

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    Life in Balance Spa


    CRYSTAL BODY MASSAGE – This ritual uses warm crystals and soothing strokes to treat muscles, relieve tension, and gently realign energy imbalances within the body. Carefully chosen gemstones promote a sense of wholeness, unifying the mind, body, and spirit as one. $

    SPIRITUAL WARRIOR FACIAL – Spiritual Warrior oil blend takes fragrance to an ethereal level by combining plant and gemstone essences. This facial experience incorporates customized herb and flower-based skincare and a circulation-stimulating gua-sha tool to reduce puffiness. $

    OBSIDIAN & SAGE DETOXIFYING RITUAL – Surrender to a warm chrysalis of safety in a gravity-defying float through a mental, spiritual, and physical cleansing ritual. Mind-clearing obsidian, aura-cleansing sage, and detoxifying mud exfoliate and nourish your body to further relax into a full-body massage. $

    HEART SONG – Rock weightlessly in a dry-float bed’s warm cocoon with soothing drum rhythms and singing bowl vibrations. Rise to the resonance of native rhodonite—stone of compassion—in this heart-opening treatment’s warm swaddle of self-love and guided meditation. $

    NIRAMAYA FACIAL – Sanskrit for tranquility, this curated facial clarifies and rejuvenates. Reignite your skin’s luminosity with a complexion-smoothing and brightening sweet cherry enzyme peel. An argan and peptide-rich cream blissfully restores your skin’s natural balance. $

    REIKI – This Japanese stress-reduction practice frees emotional blocks and leaves you with a sense of peace. Your practitioner applies light touch to enhance universal energy flowing through you and connect you with your higher self. $ Wear yoga or exercise attire.

    Wellness Activities


    QI FLOW – Invoke Chinese medicine’s five elements with a take-home Qigong practice to manage stress and strengthen your mind/body connection. Balance energy with guided Tha/Shiatsu-massage-inspired stretches and CranioSacral therapy. A singing bowl sound bath and crystal chakra-balancing session leave you profoundly relaxed. $

    CRYSTAL CLARITY – Learn to intuitively select a crystal with the benefits you desire, using color vibration as a guide. Enhance its strengths by imprinting your intention into the stone and attuning it to your personal energy. Leave the workshop with your chosen crystal and understand how it can support your wellbeing and chakra energy flow. $

    CHORUS OF CRYSTALS WITH AURA PHOTOS – This multi-sensory vibrational attunement session combines master-level Reiki, polarity, and pranic healing with energy-flow-balancing color and sound frequencies. Before and after aura photos show the benefit of color therapy lights (focused through quartz crystals on each chakra center) that support hands-on energy healing work. $

    SPIRIT QUEST – This unifying quest balances energy, sound healing, and Indigenous practices. Crystal singing bowls, vocal toning, and Reiki cleanse energy to restore natural chakra and meridian flow. Hands-on Zen Shiatsu balances your body while drums and rattles create rhythmic brain and nervous system states for your mind to relax, release, and expand. $

    BECOMING BALANCE – This fully clothed, treatment-based session combines two clinically recognized neuromuscular treatments to support muscular-skeletal function and range: strain-counterstrain (SCS) and muscle energy technique (MET). This session includes acupuncture, intuitive massage, light touch, and vibrational therapy with soothing crystals. Wear yoga or exercise attire. $

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