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Empowered Nurse, Enlightened Practice™

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April 3, 2019 - April 7, 2019

Join Donna Cardillo, RN for this transformative conference and retreat for nurses at every stage of their careers. Whether your passion for nursing is fired up or has fizzled out, Empowered Nurse, Enlightened Practice™ is for you. It has been created to empower, energize, and enlighten you for future success. This small group workshop will assist you to: Honor, value and celebrate your career path and each other; Heal and renew the healer within; Build confidence and personal power; Become a catalyst for positive change in nursing.


The conference will consist of morning workshops, led by Donna, and optional evening gatherings. There will also be plenty of free time to enjoy the beautiful, tranquil surroundings, use Miraval’s gorgeous Life In Balance Spa; attend Miraval signature offerings, classes, and workshops; and work one-on-one, if so desired, with Miraval experts.

The Miraval experience, combined with our conference workshops, discussions, individual and group exercises, and sharing will surely give you more joy, confidence, focus, personal power, and clarity. Nurses are a major part of the life-force on this planet. We are healers, teachers and nurturers. We tend to the health and wellbeing of the planet whether at work or not. We are “on-duty” 24-7 regardless of where we work or if we even work at all. We bring light into dark places and give something of ourselves to everyone we come in contact with, even in casual encounters. We are wellness warriors.

Because we are usually focused on others, we sometimes devalue our contributions, lose sight of our sacred mission, and fail to honor our own wellbeing. Even if you are diligent about self-care and good at valuing your talents and contributions, it is still important to periodically step back and take time out for a tune-up of mind, body, spirit and career.

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  • Purpose

    To assist nurses in their future career development as well as creating/promoting a positive culture in nursing by honoring, celebrating, and valuing their career path and each other

  • Objectives

    • Discuss nursing’s current and future role
    • Identify 3 strategies for nursing empowerment
    • Describe methods to achieve mindfulness in nursing practice
    • List 4 ways to advocate for the nursing profession
    • Describe strategies for moving forward, individually and as a profession

Meet your Leaders


    Donna Cardillo, RN, MA, CSP the Inspiration Nurse, is the original Dear Donna columnist at and expert blogger at She has been energizing, advocating for, and educating nurses for two decades. Join her and like-minded nurses for an experience that promises to be transformative both personally and professionally.

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