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Winter Wellness

New Year, Renew You

January 1, 2023 - March 31, 2023

Miraval Berkshires offers inclusive packages and promises experiences that harness the winter season’s transformational energy to foster balance and discovery through mindfulness. Explore experiences that combine yoga, meditation, and wellness offerings with spiritual journeys, culinary workshops, and outdoor adventures to build resilience and shift perspective.

From strapping on snowshoes for a fresh-air winter hike to sound bathing in a protected sanctuary, our activities invite you to soak up the great outdoors or stay in your robe for mindful indoor exploration. Give yourself time to experience both, and don’t forget to reward yourself at day’s end by a warm fire or a with a cup of calming herbal tea as we move forward together, even closer to balance in the Berkshires.

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Miraval Berkshires blends Miraval’s signature mindful offerings with the historic character of New England.

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Winter Wellness Inspiration

Reset and refresh for the new year with these winter intention-setting experiences.

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Plant Your Intention

Begin 2023 with balance and enjoy these helpful tips to plant your intention for the new year.

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All Packages Include:

  • Unlimited hiking, mountain biking, group fitness classes, challenge activities and climbing wall
  • Unlimited participation in daily yoga, meditation, & wellness lectures
  • Full access to Miraval's extensive resort amenities and spa facilities
  • All healthful and flavorful meals, snacks, smoothies and non-alcoholic beverages

Schedule of Events

  • Winter Wellness Experiences

Special Offerings

EXPLORING THE SELF: From Fragments to Connections – Examine how other people’s behavior affects yours and find common ground through perceived disconnections. By recognizing that other people’s traits that make you uncomfortable might reveal a constructive counterpart within yourself, you can forge positive bonds and examine your inner aspects that collide or combine with others. $

OPTIMIZE YOUR HEALTH AT ANY AGE – Discover the blueprint—a user’s manual for the body and mind—for your holistic health architecture to help establish the best practices for optimal longevity at any age, from young adults to retirees. Learn lifestyle techniques and mental strategies that help you stay sharp.

CHAKRA SOUND LEVITATION – This gentle sound immersion renews your chakra system with the harmonious vibrations of crystal singing bowls. Wrap yourself in a warm and cozy yoga silk swing and enjoy the beautiful and peaceful tones that allow your mind, body, and spirit to synthesize and relax. $

THE POWER OF BREATH – Mark Gerow, certified in Buteyko Breathing, offers breathing techniques that support people with asthma, sleep disorders, and insomnia. Learn about life-changing breathwork used by athletes and artists to develop resilience and thrive through tough times in this introduction to Alchemy of Resilience and Neurodynamic Breathwork™.

INTROSPECTIVE JOURNALING: Poetry, Purpose & Perspective – Mindfulness practice and journal writing go hand in hand in this session that helps you achieve a point of psychological balance that allows for your best introspective writing to flow. Great for journaling, poetry writing, or self-study as practiced in the yoga tradition known as svadhyaya for personal growth and illumination. $

COMMON GROUND: Self-Leadership for Effective Communication – Experience the power of non-verbal communication and its influence on how you lead. Move with a horse around the pen in this unmounted activity, using communication tools, collaboration, and creativity without speaking or touching. The insights and skills you discover may apply equally to personal and professional relationships. $

PILATES REFORMER – The Reformer is a remarkable piece of equipment for improving strength and flexibility while having fun. This unique machine adjusts to suit your strength and flexibility so you can focus on improving your balance, alignment, core strength, and muscle tone. $

OBSIDIAN & SAGE DETOXIFYING RITUAL – Surrender to a warm chrysalis of safety in a gravity-defying float through a mental, spiritual, and physical cleansing ritual. Mind-clearing obsidian, aura-cleansing sage, and detoxifying mud exfoliate and nourish your body to further relax into a full-body massage. $

THAI MASSAGE – Relax as your practitioner rhythmically stretches and flexes your body, opening and relieving weary muscles. Thai massage renews the body’s energy flow while reducing tension and stress with pressure-point stimulation and targeted stretching. $

RENEW & RESTORE FACIAL – This detoxifying and hydrating facial and peel, created by renowned Manhattan dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross, exfoliates and delivers potent anti-aging ingredients with gentle massage and a marine hyaluronic mask for intense hydration without recovery time. $


Miraval Moments

We love to see our guests post photos of their cherished moments of discovery, inspiration, and gratitude. Share your quest for fun, untamed nature, and limitless adventure. Live your best life and create balance together.

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Breathwalking at Miraval

Over the years, breathwalking has become one of the most sought-after mindfulness activities at Miraval, perfect for those who aren’t ‘the meditation type.’

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