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Winter Wellness

New Year, Renew You

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January 1 - March 31

Miraval Berkshires offers inclusive packages and promises experiences that harness the winter season’s transformational energy to foster balance and discovery through mindfulness. Explore experiences that combine yoga, meditation, and wellness offerings with spiritual journeys, culinary workshops, and outdoor adventures to build resilience and shift perspective.

From strapping on snowshoes for a fresh-air winter hike to sound bathing in a protected sanctuary, our activities invite you to soak up the great outdoors or stay in your robe for mindful indoor exploration. Give yourself time to experience both, and don’t forget to reward yourself at day’s end by a warm fire or a with a cup of calming herbal tea as we move forward together, ever closer to balance in the Berkshires.

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Miraval Berkshires blends Miraval’s signature mindful offerings with the historic character of New England.

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Reclaim Your Breath

Breathing is a key component of meditation and a powerful tool for stress reduction. Join Alyson Simms, Body Mind Spirit Specialist, as she guides you through breathwork techniques that will calm your nervous system, support your focus, and help you feel grounded.

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Breathe Your Stress Away

Breathwork has the power to transform the way you feel profoundly. Acquire a series of take-home breathing techniques that you can use daily to live a more centered, happy life. Reset and refresh for the new year with these intention-setting experiences.

Sample Breathwork Itinerary

All Packages Include:

  • Unlimited hiking, mountain biking, group fitness classes, challenge activities and climbing wall
  • Unlimited participation in daily yoga, meditation, & wellness lectures
  • Full access to Miraval's extensive resort amenities and spa facilities
  • All healthful and flavorful meals, snacks, smoothies and non-alcoholic beverages

Schedule of Events

  • Winter Wellness Experiences


Learn how to use the alchemy of breathwork, cold immersion, and mindset meditation to build a stronger foundation of resilience and adaptability in stressful times. In this physiological, science-based experience, Mark Gerow guides you with intention setting and transformative breath techniques to help you build resilience and unlock dormant potential. $


Learn how to light a fire without matches as we reach back to our roots and honor fire’s role in sustaining life and sparking joy. This centuries-old skill reconnects us to nature and the land around us. Work together to prepare and ignite a fire using traditional methods. From the flicker of kindling to a crackling fire, you can enjoy the results of your collective effort with a fireside beverage from The Roost. Create a circle of camaraderie and cooperation as we practice this ancient act of creation. $


Get ready to clamber over, under, and around giant boulders in a glacial ravine. Its sides are covered with old-growth pine trees and majestic hemlock, and ice can remain well into the summer months. This out-and-back hike offers 1.6 miles of breathtaking terrain and a magnificent adventure through Berkshire history.


Release 2021 & Restore 2022 Join Dayla Robinson for a releasing and renewal ritual that guides you to let go of negative energy from 2021 and intentionally summon positive energy for 2022. This ritual is designed to help you manifest your dreams for 2022. $


Friluftsliv, a Scandinavian word for “fresh-air life,” embraces being active in the great outdoors and immersing yourself in nature in any weather. Join Director of Wellbeing Programming Luke Bloom on this ever-changing, unique, three-hour outdoor adventure that may include challenge elements and any combination of Miraval’s outdoor adventure activities. Prerequisites: an adventurous spirit and a willingness to experience the benefits of the “fresh-air life.” $


This centuries-old practice from Scandinavia is a moving meditation that combines the cross-country skier’s strength and endurance with the archer’s steady skills. Race over snow-covered terrain on skis, then calm your heart rate to hit targets that represent obstacles (fear or doubt) or goals (gratitude or acceptance) on the path to authenticity and self-awareness. Elevate your cardiovascular fitness by skiing through the Wyndhurst grounds, focusing your intent, taking aim, and letting go of attachment by releasing the arrow. Weather dependent. $


Join our Miraval guides for a Nordic ski through the picturesque Wyndhurst golf course. Embrace the transition of seasons by immersing yourself in winter during this ski tour of our historic property. Not a beginner’s class. Weather dependent. $


Make your mid-day meal a healthy and hearty medley of flavors. Brunch fuses the best breakfast and lunch dishes with an invitation to gather, linger, and share morsels and moments around the table. Learn to create and craft simple, fast, and fun brunch dishes with easy-to-follow recipes. $


Take your floating meditation practice to the next level. This unique sensory experience rocks you into a deep meditative state through frequency, soundwaves, and narration. Our brainwaves respond by entering a theta state—one which calms the mind and invites creativity. Your trained guide, Mark Gerow, combines evocative music, light restriction, weightlessness, essential oils, and gentle grounding touch to induce a profound state of deep relaxation, self-connection, and rejuvenation. $


Alleviate tension, reduce pain, and free emotional blocks with this Japanese stress-reduction practice. By applying gentle pressure with the hands, your practitioner enhances the universal energy that flows through you. Reiki can help you connect with your higher self, leaving you with a sense of peace and wellbeing. Wear comfortable clothing or yoga attire. $

Miraval Moments

We love to see our guests post photos of their cherished moments of discovery, inspiration, and gratitude. Share your quest for fun, untamed nature, and limitless adventure. Live your best life and create balance together.

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Breathwalking at Miraval

Over the years, breathwalking has become one of the most sought-after mindfulness activities at Miraval, perfect for those who aren’t ‘the meditation type.’

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