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February 11 - February 13


When two people come together, they embark on the eternal dance of maintaining their individuality while nurturing their unique partnership.

Miraval Berkshires is designed to help couples navigate this journey, arriving at a place where the spirit of “I” and the spirit of “we” are aligned. Surrounded by Berkshires Hills, our intimate escape frees you both from the distractions of everyday life so you can focus on the one you love. It is the perfect location to rediscover your connection to yourself and to each other.


All packages include resort credit to use toward life-enhancing wellness activities, private sessions with specialists, or Life in Balance Spa services. Plus packages include gourmet meals, unlimited snacks, smoothies, and specialty coffee drinks, full access to Miraval’s extensive resort amenities including Body Mindfulness fitness center, three pools, hiking trails, and more. All gratuities included.

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Our Berkshires-curated experiences provide an unforgettable backdrop for sharing, compassion, and connection. Curate an itinerary to learn how to create a Life in Balance.

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Enter the healing energy of our signature spa sanctuary and leave chaos behind. Let our expert therapists nurture your entire being and guide your journey to well-being within a soulful nature-preserve setting.

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    Valentine’s Sparkling Wine Tasting: Love is Blind – February 13th, 2022
    With his unique, interactive, and sensory approach, Nick Grimaldi puts a Miraval spin on traditional wine tastings. We have all been challenged by the last few years and may have felt depleted at times like we are holding an empty cup. We can replenish our emotional reserves by bringing awareness to our senses. Lean into what your tongue, nose, and heart communicate with this blind sampling of diverse sparkling wines. Your heart can guide you to correctly identify each wine you taste. Have fun, savor the present moment and take this moment to fill your cup with love and compassion. $

    ALCHEMY OF RESILIENCE: Breathwork, Mindset & Cold Learn how to use the alchemy of breathwork, cold immersion, and mindset meditation to build a stronger foundation of resilience and adaptability in stressful times. In this physiological, science-based experience, Mark Gerow guides you with intention setting and transformative breath techniques to help you build resilience and unlock dormant potential. $

    SKI ARCHERY This centuries-old practice from Scandinavia is a moving meditation that combines the cross-country skier’s strength and endurance with the archer’s steady skills. Race over snow-covered terrain on skis, then calm your heart rate to hit targets that represent obstacles (fear or doubt) or goals (gratitude or acceptance) on the path to authenticity and self-awareness. Elevate your cardiovascular fitness by skiing through the Wyndhurst grounds, focusing your intent, taking aim, and letting go of attachment by releasing the arrow. $

    CHINESE ASTROLOGY FOR HEALTH, WEALTH & RELATIONSHIPS Beth Grace examines the similarities and differences between Chinese Astrology and Western Astrology. She explores the birth charts of well-known celebrities to exemplify how much you can discover about health, wealth, and relationships just by looking at a birth chart.

    GRATITUDE MEDITATION This is an ancient Buddhist practice designed to cultivate gratitude, loving-kindness, happiness, and compassion. Learn a powerful technique designed to create positive emotions that can be healing and helpful to yourself and others around you.

    JUST COOK FOR ME Take a seat at our connoisseur’s table and let us enchant you with our chef’s choice of fresh, seasonal, and innovative culinary delights. This four-course menu features one sweet and three savory dishes paired with red, rosé, or white wines. This experience is designed for the adventurous foodie and may not be adjusted for food allergies. $

    HIIT WITH INTENTION Learn how you can stay grounded in gratitude and mindfulness while working up a sweat! In this unique HiiT offering, you will set intentions through each circuit, focusing on gratitude, loved ones, and reminders throughout the class of how much there is to celebrate this season.

    CLEANSING CHAKRAS WITH SOUND This gentle sound immersion balances your chakra system by absorbing the resounding vibrations of crystal singing bowls. The bowls create peaceful tones that allow your mind, body, and spirit to synthesize energy. This workshop guides you through a meditation into your heart chakra and the vibration of Divine Love living inside you. Learn about the healing power of sound and explore tones and mantras that you can use to balance your chakra energy system. $

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