Conscious Cooking is at the core of how we approach food.

Relish seasonal menus, cooking demonstrations, and immersive workshops with tips for pleasing the palate, balancing the body and minimizing food waste.

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For fee-based Culinary activities, the entire fee will be charged to your bill if you change or cancel within four hours of the start time, unless otherwise noted. If you are a no-show for a reserved spa service, fee-based activity, or private session, the entire fee will be charged to your bill. If you are a no-show for a complimentary activity, a $20 no-show fee applies.


Join Nick Grimaldi as he discusses the medicinal properties and health benefits of tea. He will guide you to slow down, use your senses, and be fully present while making and drinking a cup of soothing tea. See how this simple beverage can be steeped in mindfulness, appreciation, and enjoyment. Leave with a branded Miraval mug for tea-drinking rituals at home. 45 MIN | $45

All About the Egg

Discover the rich nutrients and flavors that eggs and other breakfast or brunch items can offer. Explore techniques used by Miraval’s culinary team with an inside look at nutrition, preparation, and service. Conclude with a light meal. 60 MIN | $60


Join us for a brief history and tasting of chocolate where we will discuss the effects of terroir, taste chocolates from around the world, and offer a demonstration of how chocolate is tempered. Leave the class with your own hand-dipped and decorated truffles. 75 MIN | $75


Join us for an educational smoothie experience. Learn which ingredients offer the most balanced nutrient absorption and health benefits. 45 MIN | $25


Take a quick trip to Miraval’s garden for a chef-led tour and an opportunity to harvest some of the season’s bounty. Return to the Life in Balance Culinary Kitchen to understand why it’s best to eat vegetables at their peak, while you learn cooking techniques, culinary history, and health-inspired recipe ideas. 75 MIN | $60


Support high-quality, sustainable, and ocean-friendly choices while learning preparation and cooking techniques for making seafood a healthy mainstay in your kitchen. 45 MIN | $45

Seasonally Offered


Delight your taste buds with plant-based BBQ. Discover the magic of plant-based ingredients and learn tips for taking your new skills home with you for a healthy barbecue experience that includes lunch. 45 MIN | $45




Join a Miraval Berkshires specialist and fellow guests for lunch in the Harvest Moon restaurant. In this lunch-and-learn program, you can ask a specialist questions about their craft, learn about the property’s history, share your Miraval “aha” moments, and discover the value and meaning of Miraval Mode. 50 MIN


While we cannot control misfortune or difficult circumstances in life, we can control how we react to them: by making lemonade out of lemons. Our beverage specialist, Nick Grimaldi, invites you to slow down and tap into your senses as you explore Miraval Berkshires’ garden. Pick fresh herbs like mint, rosemary, or thyme to add depth of flavor and nutritional value to your freshly squeezed lemonade cocktail or mocktail. During this process, you will discover techniques to aid you in overcoming adversity and refreshing your perspective. 45 MIN | $45

Please select your menu choices with your experience planner at time of booking.


Join our Food & Beverage Specialist Nick Grimaldi for a fun and unique picnic experience outside on our beautiful Berkshire property. Nick will guide you through mindful eating techniques during this hosted lunch that invites you to slow down and bring your awareness to your senses to savor each bite in each moment. This approach encourages you to enjoy nutritiously and, locally sourced ingredients while you absorb the elements of the environment surrounding your meal. Ingest the sunshine, warm breeze, and white clouds floating in the deep blue sky. Consumption is only a small part of the culinary equation: how, where, and with whom we indulge in our epicurean adventures, are every bit as important in health and wellbeing. 75 MIN | $75


Gluten-Free Baking

Grab the oven mitts and start baking alongside our Head Pastry Chef for this 60-minute workshop. Learn how to make seasonal baked goods using alternative flours that help support local agriculture.

Seasonally Offered

Brewing Kombucha

Take a look into Kombucha’s benefits and the science behind SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), which forms after the completion of a unique fermentation process of lactic acid, acetic acid, and yeast. This class offers Kombucha tastings and instructions for brewing Kombucha at home. 45 MIN | $45

The Joy of Java

This engaging and informative talk with Nick Grimaldi offers insights into the world of coffee. Enjoy multiple tastings as you learn more about coffee’s origins, history, and varietals. Perfect your coffee-making skills with a discussion around modern add-ins. 45 MIN | $45

Farm-To-Glass: Beyond the Bloody Mary

Let your creativity loose in this hands-on mixology session that teaches you to craft the perfect Bloody Mary. Gain an understanding of your tastes and how ingredients interact to change the profile of a drink. Locally sourced fresh ingredients make this class an authentic farm-to-glass experience. 45 MIN | $75

Seasonal Elixirs

For centuries, Asian, Indian, European, and Middle Eastern countries have harnessed the health properties of roots, herbs, and spices in tinctures and elixirs. Celebrate the sprouts of spring with fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables to concoct creative and hydrating beverages. 75 MIN | $75

Seasonally Offered


Uncover the secrets to replacing unhealthy fats and processed sugars with better combinations of healthier fats and natural sweeteners. Learn how you can stay true to your dietary choices (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or generally health-conscious) and still create and eat delicious desserts of all kinds. 75 MIN | $75

That's my Jam

Following our local farmers’ seasonal recommendations, learn how to make and preserve perfect jams or jellies. Take home the fruits of your labor to enjoy in your own kitchen. 45 MIN | $45


Enjoy a chef-created appetizer and cocktail while you learn about our food philosophy and hear about healthy cooking tips and tricks. 45 Min | $75


Take a seat at our connoisseur’s table and let us enchant you with our chef’s choice of fresh, seasonal, and innovative culinary delights. This four-course menu features one sweet and three savory dishes paired with red, rose, or white wines. This experience is designed for the adventurous foodie and may not be adjusted for food allergies. 120 MIN | $175


This interactive experience will teach you to create and cook satisfying plant-based dishes. Please alert staff of allergies prior to booking this event. 45 MIN | $45



Guests will be taken on a journey through the labor of love that is bone broth. Learn how it can help restore your brain, gut, skin, ligaments, and joints while helping to prevent ailments. Bring this powerful ancestral recipe home with you. 45 MIN

Fun with Pho

This class offers an introduction to the Vietnamese tradition of pho and bone broth. Examine the history, culture, ingredients, styles, and techniques involved in creating this hearty and nourishing noodle soup, including alternative variations and healthy substitutions. 45 MIN | $45

Sunday Brunch Essentials

Make your mid-day meal a healthy and hearty medley of flavors. Brunch fuses the best of breakfast and lunch dishes with an invitation to gather, linger, and share morsels and moments around the table. Learn to create and craft simple, fast, and fun brunch dishes with easy-to-follow recipes. 45 MIN | $45


Roll up your sleeves, and learn how to shuck oysters from a master and pair them with libations. Taste the delectable combination of fresh, raw, east coast oysters with effervescent flutes of champagne or sparkling wine. 45 MIN | $75



Nick Grimaldi puts a Miraval spin on a typical wine tasting with his unique, interactive, and sensory approach. In this fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in what’s coming next or get stuck in the past. One technique we can use to stay present is to bring our awareness to our senses. Use this class to lean into what your tongue and nose are telling you as you blindly sample diverse wines. See if you can correctly identify which wine is in your cup by comparing the information you learn from Nick with only what your sense of taste and smell relay. Have fun, challenge yourself, and—most importantly—savor the present moment. 50 MIN | $75

Seasonally Offered

Creative Cake Decorating

Join a member of Miraval Berkshires pastry team to master whipping, creaming, and piping for your own miniature and multi-level cakes that you can take with you. GF available. 75 MIN | $75


Chop your food like a seasoned chef. Learn about the anatomy of a knife, blade variations, and critical cutting techniques. 75 MIN | $75

Seasonally Offered

In a Nutshell

This hands-on workshop teaches you how to get more nutrition and flavor out of a nut-derived dairy alternative. Create fresh, smooth, and nutrient-rich plant-based beverages without using artificial additives or fillers; explore the healthy and delicious benefits of making your own non-dairy beverages. 45 MIN | $45

Miraval Recipes: Finding Wellness Through Food

Transform your nightly meals into mindful masterpieces in this class that teaches you to recreate recipes from our signature cookbooks. Learn how to incorporate health and wellness into your everyday cooking while keeping it easy and fun. 45 MIN | $45

The Modern Art of Sauces

This hands-on class demonstrates how to make innovative, nutritious, and modern sauces that complement the best foods. Learn knife skills, sautéing and simmering techniques, and a professional chef’s approach to developing and pairing flavors. Our featured sauces are on a rotating schedule and include tapenade, pesto, romesco, and many others. Taste your newly created sauce with a paired appetizer and glass of wine. 45 MIN | $45

Sparkling Spirits

Create a uniquely mixed Bellini with locally sourced ingredients to give you a vibrant glow. Continue with a mini flight of sparkling wines to explore how we bring effervescence to our drinks and our lives. 45 MIN | $45