Eat with intention. Create a personalized plan for your lifestyle with one of our nutrition experts.

Learn techniques and tips for making the right food choices for boosting the benefits of your daily treatments and activities.

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Mindful Eating

Sometimes, we use food as a coping mechanism. Instead, we can look to mindfulness as a type of meditation that can serve as a strategy for changing habits. Mindful eating is a practice that, over time, can improve your emotional relationship with food. Learn this transformative practice to shift your relationship with food. 50 MIN



While many of us think of nutrition as counting calories and assessing ingredients or serving sizes, we can also consider the symbiotic relationship between our emotions and eating habits. Learn techniques to help you identify personal emotional barriers that may keep you from reaching your body goals. Discover how your mindset can be a catalyst in helping you reach your nutritional targets. 50 MIN

Seasonally Offered

EARTH'S NUTRIENTS: Grounding & Healthy Eating

Join Miraval Dietician Jenae Halsted for a brief lecture followed by a walk across the property to Miraval Berkshire’s Meadowview Garden. Here, you will begin to uncover the health-promoting benefits fruits and vegetables contain beyond simple vitamins and minerals. There isn’t just one way to absorb nutrients or one kind of nutrient. Learn about the science that explains how grounding, or tangibly connecting with the earth, can promote better health and serve as a central connector between living cells. Jenae shares an in-class technique you can use to bring the benefits of this class home. Be sure to wear your walking shoes. 80 MIN | $59


The nutrients you put into your body are just as important as the topical solutions you apply to your skin. Feel refreshed in glowing skin by exploring and combining both components. Enjoy a salad with dietician-selected ingredients chosen specifically to help nourish your skin. While you eat, discover how to differentiate between healthy over-the-counter skin products and those loaded with unnecessary fillers. Use this knowledge to create and apply your personalized face mask made with many of your salad’s ingredients. 50 MIN | $99



Our certified registered dietitian and nutritionist takes you on a tour of our lunch buffet and helps you make choices that address your intention, from portions to plate methods, to help you eat sensibly. Topics include finding the right balance when assembling your plate, adhering to nutrition goals while on vacation, and approaching the dessert bar. Participate in a friendly conversation about food while you eat lunch in a private space. 45 MIN

HERBAL ALCHEMY The Art of Tincture Making

Discover the extensive health benefits of specific herbs and learn to hone their natural healing abilities as you create a concentrated liquid extract or tincture. Our nutritionist and dietitian, Jenae Halsted, guides you through a step-by-step process to become your own alchemist and create an herbal remedy that promotes stress relief and serenity. Take your tincture home to invite calm and tranquility into your daily life. 80 MIN | $79


With so many different supplements out there, it can be overwhelming to figure out which (if any) are right for you. In some cases, they may be unnecessary, while in others they may serve your fitness goals. Join our dietician for a breakdown of the science-backed research on how supplements affect our bodies and which ingredients to look for when selecting them. 50 MIN | $59