Eat with intention. Create a personalized plan for your lifestyle with one of our nutrition experts.

Learn techniques and tips for making the right food choices for boosting the benefits of your daily treatments and activities.

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Mindfulness is a type of meditation, and a strategy for shifting habits. Mindful eating is a practice that, over time, can improve your emotional relationship with food. Come learn this transformative practice. 50 MIN

Healthy Gut, Healthy You

Since the digestive system interacts with every single system, organ, and cell in the body, the health of your gut bacteria has a direct impact on your immune system, cholesterol, blood sugar, allergies, and even your mood. Join our registered dietitian in this interactive workshop to learn how to optimize your digestive health and how to determine which supplements and foods you should include or avoid. 80 MIN | $75


Nutrition for Aging Well

Learn about common metabolic precursors to pre-diabetes, arthritis and heart disease and the good news on how to reverse them. As you mature, your nutritional lifestyle becomes an essential tool in maintaining health and wellbeing.50 MIN


The Food-Mood Connection

Stress is a natural part of life. What and how you eat can profoundly impact how you handle stress, how you process emotions, and your overall wellbeing. Learn about the foundations of mood-enhancing nutrition and mindful exercises for elevating mood through food from a nutritional psychiatry perspective. 50 MIN


Annie Kay spells out a balanced approach to what, when, and how to eat for healthy weight and vibrant energy. Food is information and operates on a cellular and sub-cellular level. While calories and energy balance are important, honoring the rhythms of life and nature – from circadian rhythms to food quality – make food the most powerful medicine available to us today. Dive deeper into the healing power of food. 80 MIN | $45


Making a shift to improve your eating, exercise more, or improve other lifestyle choices can be challenging. Transformation is the result of practice (not perfection). Adopting an experimental and resilient mindset is key. Learning to set intention, chanting mantras, and creating and using affirmations are three powerful tools for creating and sustaining lifestyle shifts. 80 MIN | $45