Eat with intention. Create a personalized plan for your lifestyle with one of our nutrition experts.

Learn techniques and tips for making the right food choices for boosting the benefits of your daily treatments and activities.

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Mindful Eating

Sometimes, we try to counteract stress by using food as a coping mechanism. Move away from reacting to worries with unhealthy eating to responding mindfully to any situation. Over time, Mindful Eating can improve your emotional relationship with food. Try this transformative practice to shift your habits and heighten the joy of eating. Includes a seasonal snack. 50 MIN

Healthy Gut, Healthy You

Since the digestive system interacts with every single system, organ, and cell in the body, the health of your gut bacteria has a direct impact on your immune system, cholesterol, blood sugar, allergies, and even your mood. Join our registered dietitian in this interactive workshop to learn how to optimize your digestive health and how to determine which supplements and foods you should include or avoid. 80 MIN | $75

Food-Mood Connection

What and how you eat can profoundly impact how you handle unease, process emotions, and raise your overall wellbeing. Explore the foundations of mood-enhancing nutrition and mindful exercises for elevating disposition through food from a nutritional psychiatry perspective. Practice techniques for staying present and consciously connecting your mood with your food. 50 MIN