Spark creativity, clarify communication; release fears and trauma and more in our award-winning equine program.

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Spark creativity, clarify communication, release fears, and more in our award-winning equine program. At the Equine Experience, we often say that it’s not about the horse. But when it comes to caring for them, it is all about the horse. At Miraval, we hold their hooves close to our hearts. Their safety, wellbeing, and welfare are our highest priority. We uphold a mindful and respectful practice for every single one of our equine offerings. The horses at the Meadowview Acres Farm are valued members of our Miraval family. They are beloved, and every activity we ask them to participate in is designed with love, extensive knowledge, and consideration for their wellbeing.

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COMMON GROUND: Self-Leadership for Effective Communication

Experience the powerful dynamics of non-verbal communication and how this influences your ability to lead yourself and others. In this unmounted activity, you will move with a horse around the pen, engaging tools of communication, collaboration, and creativity without speaking or touching. The insights and skills you discover may apply equally to personal and professional relationships.



Tour the Meadowview barn and gardens and meet our medley of plants, birds, and animals. Learn about sustainable practices, biodynamic principles, and a vision for responsible agriculture's role in our health and earth care. Get to know our hens that provide our restaurants with fresh eggs, along with our bees and raptors (including red-tailed hawks, owls, and vultures). Taste seasonal, fresh crops straight from the field and ask questions about your own growing endeavors. Be sure to bring your phone to take pictures with our gentle friends. 50 MIN


Explore this unique meditation experience that allows your active mind to settle inward and unite with your body. Engage with a horse while exploring mindfulness, connection, and balance. Wear closed-toe, sturdy shoes, comfortable long pants, and sunscreen. Remember your Miraval water bottle! 75 MIN | $75


Practice living life in the moment as you work with specially selected horses and our expert facilitators. Perform equestrian ground skills and get a chance to notice personal patterns that may be holding you back from the life you want to live. ** Not a riding class. 110 MIN | $75


Tap into your creative spirit by using the side of a horse (that’s right, a horse!) as your canvas. We use a living canvas to remind us to stay present and grounded in our storytelling. Wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes, and bring a hat, sunscreen, and water bottle. Note that this can be a messy experience. Seasonally offered. 110 MIN | $75


The Healing Herd

This lecture offers an introduction to Miraval’s special herd of rescue horses and an overview of our unique equine programs that are based on relationship, intuition, and trust. Learn about the power of connection between horses and humans, and how horses can carry us on a journey of learning and healing. 50 MIN

Horse Sense

Enter the inner world of Miraval's equine herd. Learn about horses’ lives by exploring their interactions with people and with each other. Walk their pastures and paddocks and lend a hand with their daily needs. Gain an understanding of horse-keeping and share the deeper connection that comes with mindful caregiving. 110 MIN | $75


Create a personal connection with our special horses through the hands-on experience of grooming. Explore your understanding of trust and the healing benefits of caretaking with an equine partner. 110 MIN | $75