Strengthen your purpose with Miraval's adventure activities.

From hatchet throwing to archery, each adventure is designed to empower your intentions and expand your limits, giving you deeper sense of confidence and balance.

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In Partnership with Lexus

Drive Your Way To Wellness

Prepare your senses for a full-day outdoor excursion that takes you climbing, hiking through the pristine Berkshires hills, and swimming in a secluded lake. This private activity begins on property with an intention-setting ceremony with a Miraval Guide. Afterward, take the wheel of your complimentary Lexus LX or GX and drive to various destinations where a Miraval Guide leads you on a hiking, biking, and swimming expedition, followed by a chef-prepared picnic lunch. From there, embark on a kayak trip and bird-watching quest on the Housatonic River. $


In this class, learn how to prepare and bring the gift of fire to life using only primitive techniques, no matches here! As we practice this ancient art form, we will focus on the things we are most grateful for and connect with a new community of friends to enjoy the warm glow of the season that you help create. 105 MIN | $49

Bows & throws


Find out how archery can be the quintessential activity for practicing mindfulness. Combine intention, focus, presence, stillness, and breathwork to perfect your aim and center yourself. 105 MIN | $59


Discover a new way to see why we miss the target with our intentions sometimes. Throw a real hatchet and learn to combine breath, focus, and intention to hit the mark in one smooth motion. 50 MIN | $59

Spirit of the Saber

Practice elements from the traditional Chinese Broadsword form, a set of specific Tai Chi movements that explores relaxation and energy extension. This sword practice can serve as a tool for bringing the mind and body into harmony while exercising the upper body with a fun, fluid technique. Using the sword as an extension of your physical body, build and clarify your energy, improve your agility and balance, and enhance your mental acuity. 80 MIN | $49

3D Archery

This class follows The Way of the Archer and increases your challenge by taking the archery range into the forest to face three-dimensional targets. With recurve bow in hand, walk slowly and purposefully through the woods to find targets symbolizing obstacles we might face: fear, self-doubt, judgment, and more. Tackle these challenges head-on by releasing arrows into the targets. With patience and equanimity, you can enact the process of seeking solutions and emerging with a sense of triumph. This class focuses on how we can apply the concepts of archery to our daily lives. 135 MIN | $99