Challenge Course

Our custom-designed dynamic and static courses use the best technology in the industry. Enter 20 elevated, honeycomb-designed platforms in the trees or choose from a variety of adventures that promote self-awareness, communication, and personal revelations.

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Soul Flight Experience

The Miraval Soul Flight Experience is an opportunity to challenge your perceived limits and explore concepts of situational identification. Perched atop a 50-foot tower and utilizing Eddy current technology, experience a 25-foot free-fall and a gentle glide to the forest floor on our Leap of Faith. The adventure continues on the Eagle’s Run zip line that offers a bird’s eye view of our wetlands as you take flight at 20 mph through the canopy of the beautiful Berkshire forest. 105 MIN | $179

Warrior Challenge

The Miraval warrior challenge is a chance for you to experience both the Red Tail Hawk course and the Falcon course in one climbing session. Comprised of 15 unique elements at heights of 35 -50 feet into the canopy of the trees, this challenge lets you pick your own course as we explore the idea of agency and how our choices influence our experiences. 105 MIN | $250

Complimentary (minimum 2 people)


This element is a true test of communication and teamwork – it is almost impossible to complete alone. A 35-foot ladder is strung between two trees and requires two guests to help each other move from level to level while on a dynamic belay. The higher you climb, the more difficult the task becomes, as the rungs of the ladder get further and further apart, requiring heightened collaboration and focused communication. 105 MIN


Any difficult decision involves facing the unknown and mustering the courage to take the first step. This repelling activity puts you in the mindset that accompanies this step—the indecision of uncertainty—and helps you embrace the edge. A Miraval outdoor professional guides you step-by-step through a series of increasingly tricky rappels, ranging from 15 to over 70 feet off the ground. Gain confidence and knowledge as you work on problem-solving your way over the difficult edge and safely down until your feet are firmly back on earth. 105 MIN | $150

Miraval Berkshires Exclusive

Complimentary (minimum 2 people)


Get ready for a high and wild adventure in this double-guest experience. Climb with a partner to a height of 25 feet and move out onto two angled foot cables while being dynamically belayed. Lean and rely on each other for support as you move, hand-to-hand, along the element. The element widens as you progress to the point of a horizontal body position. This is a trust and communication experience that will challenge you to think about how to communicate positively with yourself and your peers. 105 MIN

Miraval Berkshires Exclusive



Frolic like the playful creatures of the outdoors and take flight 35 feet above ground. Wearing a full body harness and helmet, you are lifted up while you hold a rope. Work cooperatively with the instructor and your group as they lift and release you in this liberating journey. 105 MIN

Miraval Berkshires Exclusive



Surrender to a free-fall state. Utilizing Eddy Current Technology, you will climb to the top of our forest canopy platform 50 feet into the treetops. There we will hook you into the Flight Line device that safely allows you to stand on the edge of the platform, take a deep breath, and experience the Leap of Faith. Glide into a 25-foot free-fall, then continue descending the next 25 feet as you are safely and slowly lowered to the ground at a rate of six feet per second. Experience a pure moment of bliss as you face your fears and feelings in this juncture of suspension and release. 105 MIN | $150

Miraval Berkshires Exclusive

Complimentary (minimum 2 people)


Engage with a partner in this series of vertical challenges. This tandem climbing activity requires positive communication, planning, and execution of complex tasks at height and demonstrates how we can excel with the support of community and camaraderie. 105 MIN


Fly like a raptor through our stunning Berkshire forest. Soar over 450 feet at a nine-degree pitch, achieving a maximum speed of 25 mph as you leap off of our 50-foot-high canopy platform. 105 MIN | $150

Miraval Berkshires Exclusive

Complimentary (minimum 2 people)


Engage in a life-sized game of Jenga as you and your group use a series of crates to see how high you can stack and climb them. 105 MIN



Seize the opportunity to conquer our 45-foot climbing spire in a class-like setting that delves into climbing and belaying techniques with an emphasis on safety. 105 MIN



Join a small group of Miraval guests to climb on a dynamic belay and assist each other to balance on platforms in a 35-foot maple tree. Once situated, take a leap of intention and reach your goal by high fiving a ball that sits six feet away from the platform. 105 MIN