Mindful Golf

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The Golf Club at Wyndhurst Manor

The historic 18-hole golf course at Wyndhurst Manor & Club, our neighboring property, combines spectacular views with challenging golf. Tree-lined fairways and naturally contoured greens have been carefully preserved since the course was built by Wayne Stiles and John Van Kleek in 1926. Accessible to both the public and Miraval guests, the Golf Club at Wyndhurst Manor offers a fun and scenic golf experience.

What is Mindful Golf?

The Miraval approach to golf is not about perfecting swings or improving scores; rather, it is more about overcoming expectations and fears to find greater success on the course. Just as Miraval Arizona’s signature “It’s Not About the Horse” class teaches that the way a horse reacts is based entirely on how we approach the horse, Miraval’s golf curriculum teaches that approaching the ball with mindfulness and an openness to learn makes all the difference.

Transformational Experiences

Miraval's golf experiences and private sessions provide unique opportunities for you to experience internal transformations through golf techniques, breathing practices and meditations.

Indoor Golf Simulator

Wyndhurst Manor & Club's new golf simulator allows you to continue the sport of golf regardless of the weather. Contact to book.

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