Water Activities are available as private sessions

Water Activities

Miraval is much like water: life-giving, thirst-quenching, and wholly refreshing.

Immerse yourself in water adventures including paddle boarding, canoeing, or kayaking on the sparkling waters of Laurel Lake.

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Seasonally Offered


Join Programs Director Luke Bloom for a vigorous paddle around some of the best high alpine lakes of the Berkshires. This class will move at a fast pace and is an amazing core and upper body experience. A mindful floating meditation marks the halfway point as we focus our energy on the smooth, graceful trip back to Miraval. 105 MIN | $75



Learn about the parts of a kayak and paddle and how to efficiently use the two together. An introduction to basic kayak strokes and boat movement allows you to enjoy your connection to the water and the beautiful Berkshire scenery. A slow, steady pace with lots of breaks offers plenty of time for personal instruction and discovery. 105 MIN

Seasonally Offered


Designed for guests who have some paddling experience, this activity begins with a review of the basics of kayaking. Learn advanced kayak strokes and better boat movement skills. Expect a moderate pace as we focus on stroke improvement and developing a connection with the water to move your boat with graceful effectiveness. 105 MIN | Private: $150 Semi-Private: $125


Goose Pond Kayak & Hike

Dip your paddle into one of the most pristine high-alpine lakes in New England. Join us in this multi-sport event for a hike on the Appalachian Trail and a kayak trip from lower Goose Pond to upper Goose pond. Break up the day with a swim in the crystal-clear waters and a picnic lunch. 240 MIN | $250


Housatonic River Paddle

This gentle paddle down the Housatonic River (named for the Indigenous word meaning “water from the mountain”) takes us through the heart of the Berkshires. Get a first-hand look at the abundant New England wildlife in its purest form. Includes a picnic lunch. 240 MIN | $250

Mindful Kayaking

Come and enjoy a mindful paddle around beautiful Laurel Lake. In this class we learn to utilize our boat as a tool for nature immersion, reconnecting to the natural world while gently gliding across the placid waters of the Berkshires. 105 MIN | $75



Learn how to paddle while standing up. Join us for this introduction to basic paddleboard strokes and board movement as you deepen your connection to the serene waters of the high-alpine lakes of Berkshire county. 105 MIN

Seasonally Offered


Designed for guests that have some paddleboarding experience, this activity reviews the parts of board and paddle and how to use them together. Learn advanced strokes to improve board movement and enhance your connection to the water by incorporating mindful breathing techniques. This deliberate approach to paddling takes you on a fluid trip around the premier, high-alpine lakes of the Berkshires. 110 MIN | Private: $150 and Semi-Private: $125

Guest enjoying paddleboard Yoga at our wellness resort in Lenox, Ma

Seasonally Offered


Practice yoga on stand up paddleboards. This class challenges you to embrace all the elements of nature with a total body workout. Reflect on the rewards of stretching into savasana on your floating sanctuary. 105 MIN | $100