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Private Creative Expression

Meet privately with a creative expression expert and receive a customized, one-on-one experience where you will gain new insights, and tools that you can bring home with you.

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Private Sessions

Any Creative Expression experience on the daily schedule may be booked as a private session. Inquire for pricing.


This final step in creating a pottery piece offers a unique, meditative experience through craft. The chemistry that takes place within the extreme heat of the kiln often produces unexpected results. Artists spend years developing glazing techniques to achieve their vision, while also acknowledging that some elements may always lie outside their control. Learn practiced glazing methods and join in glazing an already in-progress work of pottery, creating a special collaborative piece for you to keep. 50 MIN | $200

Craft your Mala

Discover the history and assembly of a mala, a meditation tool rooted in Buddhist and Hindu tradition. Each Mala consists of a single guru bead, a tassel, and a strand of smaller beads, used to track the counting of mantras, prayers, or affirmations during meditation. Craft your mala in this hands-on workshop and learn how to incorporate it into a meditative and grounding ritual at home. If you wear reading glasses, please be sure to bring them to this workshop, as beadwork can be very meticulous. 110 MIN | Private: $200 Semi-Private: $160 per person

Pottery: Handbuilding with Clay

This class uses the handbuilding method of forming a vessel from pre-rolled clay slabs. Create a beautiful mug to share with others as you explore the concepts of giving and receiving. Upon completion, release your clay creation and relinquish ownership to a future guest, who will receive its nurturing benefits. In turn, you may choose a mug, lovingly made by a previous guest, to take with you. Pay it forward in this community-oriented experience of interconnectedness, compassion, and creativity. 90 MIN | Private: $200 Semi-Private: $160 per person

Pottery: The Way of the Wheel

Learn to center yourself in this journey from clay to vessel by connecting to your body and breath. Allow the spinning clay to free your mind of spinning thoughts and worries, grounding yourself through the task at hand. Explore this process with an open heart as you discover the stillness of connecting with clay in motion. 90 MIN | Private; $200 Semi-Private: $160 per person