Private Farm & Garden

Meet privately with a member of our farm team and receive a customized, one-on-one experience where you will gain new insights, and tools that you can bring home with you.

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Private Sessions

Chicken Keeping

This class covers the life cycle and needs of a chicken. Learn how to raise, handle, and care for a backyard flock and set up a small coop to give hens safe access to a pasture. This fun and hands-on opportunity encourages you to collect eggs in the coop and bond with a hen. 50 MIN | Private: $125 Semi-Private: $100 per person

Seasonally Offered

Fantastic Fungi: Grow Your Own

Participate in the hands-on propagation of mushrooms on the farm, from spore to fruit. Learn how we can incorporate fruiting bodies into our daily lives and why they are so beneficial. Explore the many different roles of fungi within our ecosystems and investigate how we can take our cues from nature and apply them to our agricultural systems. 80 MIN | Private: $150 Semi-Private: $125

Farm Sense

Step into the cycle of Meadowview farm life. Learn about animal husbandry, sustainable practices, and a vision for responsible agriculture’s role in our health and earth care. Participate in the tending of our gardens, as well as feeding and caring for our animals. Engage all five senses as you move through our gardens, apiary, chicken yard, raptor house, and horse barn. 110 MIN | Private: $125 Semi-Private: $100

Mindful Mushroom Discovery

Enjoy a fungal adventure! Take a meditative stroll and further explore the many mysterious and magical roles of fungi. Learn about and practice basic mushroom identification skills. Deepen your understanding of the fungal connections that surround us. 105 MIN | Private: $125 Semi-Private: $100


SPORE PRINTS: Identifying Nature's Patterns

Search the grounds for one of nature’s art supplies: mushrooms. Each mushroom’s spore print is as unique as our human fingerprint and celebrates the individuality of each specimen. Learn how to set them up to create a unique artistic creation and how to identify mushroom types by being still, looking closely, and paying attention. Schedule at least one day before departure so you may take home your spore print memento. $

RAPTORS & RESILIENCE: Life Re-envisioned

In this program, guests will be personally introduced to a bird of prey, while learning about their life and ways. Guests will have the opportunity to connect with these special beings and explore for themselves the power of life re-envisioned. Themes emphasize the natural history, science, and symbolism of these animals as well as a service component of direct interaction and caretaking. 4 people max. 75 MIN | $79


Owls are ancient symbols of stillness, focus, and inner knowing, and can teach us a lot. As the days get shorter and colder, nature goes within. Owls are with us through this time. They do not migrate; they adapt to the season, hunting alone in the stillness of night. Owl teaches us that if we are willing to look inside and brave our “flight” through the darkness, we will emerge with rewards from our deepest selves. Spend time with Miraval’s owls and explore their world through direct connection, meditation, and creative expression. 75 MIN | $79