Private Hiking & Biking

Meet privately with our expert team of outdoor adventure guides and experience a customized, one-on-one excursion where you will gain new insights, and tools that you can bring home with you.

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Advanced hikes are designed for those in peak physical condition and seeking a challenge. These hikes explore longer, more strenuous terrain, where climbing steep slopes and crossing water features are the norm. Expect a strong, steady pace as we will hike between three and fourteen miles with elevation changes exceeding 3000 ft. Durations vary dependent upon the hike chosen. Inquire for pricing.


Five Summits Hike

Expand your limits on one of Massachusetts’ most diverse and challenging hikes. Traverse five of the area’s highest peaks this area has to offer and perch on the highest point in the state. Includes a picnic lunch. 480 MIN | Private: $495; SEMI-PRIVATE: $450

Moonlit Hike

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hike under the moon’s magical glow. Our guides lead you by moonlight in a peaceful and serene hike (beginner to intermediate level). In keeping with lunar cycles, these hikes are only offered once each month. 105 MIN | Private: $125; SEMI-PRIVATE: $100


Private: 105 MIN $125 | Semi Private: 105 MIN | $100