Challenge Course

Challenge your perceptions.

Our custom-designed dynamic and static courses use the best technology in the industry. Enter 20 elevated, honeycomb-designed platforms in the trees or choose from a variety of adventures that promote self-awareness, communication and personal revelations.

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Miraval Berkshires Exclusive


The Warrior Challenge is a chance for you to experience both the Red Tail Hawk course and the Falcon course in one climbing session. Comprised of 15 unique elements at heights of 35-50 feet into the canopy of the trees, this challenge lets you pick your own course as we explore the idea of choice and how our choices influence our experiences. Private: 105 MIN $250 | Semi-Private: 105 MIN $225 Per Person

Miraval Berkshires Exclusive


Bluebirds are some of the most unique Berkshire residents. They are bright, brilliant, colorful, and mate for life. The Bluebird Climbing Experience is designed to foster teamwork, communication, and cooperative problem solving between partners as you navigate your way into the beautiful Berkshire canopy of the Meadowview forest. Activities include a combination of the Vertical Playpen, Quantum Leap, Giants ladder, High Wild Woosey. 105 MIN | 2 person minimum | $225.00 per person

Miraval Berkshires Exclusive


Soul Flight is an opportunity to challenge your perceived limits and explore concepts of situational identification. Perched atop a 50-foot tower and utilizing Eddy current technology, experience a 25-foot free-fall and a gentle glide to the forest floor on our Leap of Faith. The experience continues on the Eagle’s Run zip line that offers a bird’s eye view of our wetlands as you take flight at 20 mph through the canopy of the beautiful Berkshire forest. Private: 105 MIN $250 | Semi-Private: 105 MIN $225 Per Person

Minimum two people

Moonlit Night Climb

Under the powerful energy and light of the full moon, take to the skies and challenge yourself on our Red Tail Hawk and Falcon courses. Climbing by natural moonlight and supported by some of the most advanced equipment in the climbing industry, enjoy the experience of night climbing with the nocturnal residents of the forest. End the experience with a ride on the Eagle’s Run zip line and feel the exhilaration of night flight. Don’t miss his unique class: it only happens once a month and space is limited to the first 20 guests to sign up. 105 HR | $225 per person

Periodically Offered

Barred Owl Course

Like the wise barred owl, this course is characterized by a slower cerebral experience in physical problem-solving. Your guide dynamically belays you through four traditional challenge elements for a climb that becomes progressively more difficult. Set new goals and swoop owl-like, 25 feet high in the company of your peers and the lofty canopy of trees. The ultimate practice of communication and teamwork, this course offers elements that challenge you with a progression of difficulty. Your experience includes a combination of the Cat Walk (walk across a 20-foot beam, 25-feet in the air), Islands in the Sky (a series of platforms progressively spaced apart, ending at 30-feet high and 30-feet long), Multi-Vine Traverse (walk on a foot cable using progressively spaced hanging ropes, 40-feet high and 35-feet long), and Postman’s Walk (two-line cable footbridge with supporting rope). Private: $250 | Semi-Private: $225 Per Person


Travel to Pinnacle Mountain to work on climbing, belaying, rappelling, and moving on natural rock at 80 feet. This is a four-hour climbing event for all skill levels. Lunch and climbing gear will be provided; bring your camera and layered clothing for possible changes in weather. 24-hour cancellation required. Private: 105 MIN $250 | Semi-Private: 105 MIN $225 Per Person