Spirit & Soul

Private Spirit & Soul

Meet privately for sessions in Chinese astrology, native rituals, and spiritual practices in a customized, one-on-one consultation.


Private Sessions


A private Himalayan Sound Meditation is an extraordinary opportunity to unplug from the demands of the outside world and reconnect to your innermost self—think of it as a spa treatment for the soul. Following a brief, guided breath exercise, relax into a soothing, spiritual journey with the hypnotic tones and frequencies of various healing instruments, including antique Himalayan sound bowls, Koshi chimes, and voice. Your guide may gently place bowls on your body to deepen the level of vibrations as you bathe in waves of sound. This meditation can be done either lying down or seated in a comfortable position, is suitable for everyone, and is custom-tailored to your needs. Private: 50 MIN | $275 Duet: 50 MIN | $185 per person

Aura Imaging

This session includes a detailed reading of your 4x6 Aura Photo and a live-action imaging session, which shows how your energy field’s colors shift in real-time using biofeedback and imaging technology. Raya Buckley provides recommendations for making the most of your unique energy field. For duets: In addition to individual photos and live-action imaging sessions, receive a third photo that reveals what your combined energy looks like when you are holding hands. 50 MIN | Private: $215 Duet: $185 per person


This unifying journey integrates master-level Reiki, Zen Shiatsu, sound healing, and indigenous healing practices to help create balance. The vibrations of crystal singing bowls, vocal toning, and Reiki work together to cleanse discordant energies and help to restore natural chakra and meridian flow, while hands-on Zen Shiatsu balances your physical and energetic bodies. Shamanic tools, such as drums and rattles, create a rhythmic state inside your brain and nervous system that allow your mind to relax, release, and expand. Leave this experience feeling renewed and uplifted. 50 MIN | $275 100 MIN | $385

Chorus of Crystals with Aura Photos

Support your highest intentions with the power of vibrational attunement. Color and sound frequencies have been used in ancient traditions to clear and balance energy bodies and raise vibratory rates. This multi-sensory experience uses color therapy lights, focused through quartz crystals, on each chakra center. Resonant music supports deep energy alignment and attunement. Take home before and after aura photos showing the positive effects in your energy field. 50 MIN | $225


Learn a new way to connect with your intuition for personal guidance with this consultation that uses Tarot or Oracle cards. These readings are designed to access your inner wisdom through the use of ancient, mystical imagery in order to gain direction and clarity. Discover answers to your unique life questions. 50 MIN | $215

Energy Session with Aura Photos

Tap into the wisdom of your body’s energy to create positive spiritual and emotional shifts in your life. Raya Buckley uses hands-on pranic energy, spiritual intuition, and her coaching skills to help you release old blocks and create inner peace. Aura photos are taken at the start and end of the session to illuminate your core energy strengths.

Harmonic Vibrations

Join Dayla Robinson for this unique immersive experience into the world of vibrational sound healing as you drift off to a blissful state of deep relaxation. While you are in this state, Dayla uses crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, and a body monochord that produce gentle, rhythmic pulsations throughout the body. These soothing instruments, strategically placed around and on the body, massage the cells while they cleanse, reset, and harmonize your body’s energy fields. Awaken from your journey with a new-found sense of connection, rejuvenation, and focus. 50 MIN | $275


This reading provides insights about your personality traits, skills, career, health, and relationships based on the Chinese Zodiac. Discover your unique blueprint for life to guide you to your highest potential. Please provide the date and time of your birth at booking. Book at least 6 hours in advance. 50 MIN | $295


This reading compares the birth charts for two people to help you both better understand personalities, areas of compatibility, and areas of interaction that may need support. It is a great tool to help you explore, understand, or improve existing relationships of all kinds. Please provide the date and time of your birth at booking. Book at least six hours in advance. Private: 50 MIN | $295 * Duet: 50 MIN | $200 per person


When we encounter life challenges and major decisions, we often seek guidance. This reading provides insight and information you need to understand complicated situations, anticipate the likely outcome, and gain an advantage in moving forward. Private 50 MIN | $225 * Duet 50 MIN | $155


Yojana (meaning the union between spirits) is a couples’ experience that harnesses the power of sound and vibration to restore alignment and harmony to your connection. This Miraval Berkshires exclusive experience explores the power of intention, sound, and vibration through ritual. Perform a joint Tibetan bowl- ringing ceremony that honors your partner’s intention as you weightlessly transcend space together, awash in sound. Precisely tuned sound bowls pass their cleansing notes and vibration through you and beyond. Experience and co-create the pure tones that clarify the flow and exchange of energy in this uniquely peaceful, shared space. 50 MIN | Duet $195 per person