Private Water Activities

Meet privately with a member of our dynamic outdoor adventure team and receive a customized, one-on-one experience where you will gain new insights, and tools that you can bring home with you.

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Guests kayaking at Miraval Berkshires in Lenox, MA


Designed for guests who have some paddling experience, this activity begins with a review of kayaking basics. Learn advanced kayak strokes and better boat movement skills. Expect a moderate pace as we focus on stroke improvement and developing a connection with the water to move your boat with graceful effectiveness. Private 110 MIN | $115 Semi Private 110 MIN | $95


Designed for guests with some paddleboarding experience, this activity reviews the parts of board and paddle and how to use them together. Learn advanced strokes to improve board movement and enhance your connection to the water by using mindful breathing techniques. This deliberate approach to paddling takes you on a fluid trip around the Berkshires’ premier, high-alpine lakes. Private 110 MIN | $115 Semi Private 110 MIN | $95