Wellness Counseling

Private Wellness Counseling

Meet privately with a Miraval wellness counselor and receive a one-on-one consultation to gain new insights and tools that you can bring home with you.


Private Sessions


Focus on the physical body in this fully clothed, treatment-based session that combines two well-established and clinically recognized neuromuscular treatment approaches: strain-counterstrain (SCS) and muscle energy technique (MET) to help improve muscular-skeletal function and range. Includes some acupuncture, intuitive massage, light touch, and vibrational therapy with healing crystals. Wear yoga or exercise attire. 50 MIN | $215


This treatment regulates the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical harmony of the body using traditional chinese medicine and acupuncture, as well as energetic therapies to clear acupuncture meridians and physical restrictions. Experience the calming effects of the life force of qi and feel more grounded and centered. Wear yoga or exercise attire. 50 min | $225

Beyond Acupuncture

Receive the myriad health benefits of traditional acupuncture treatment, plus more. Your session includes a multi-sensory ritual of aromatherapy, Seven Chakra Tibetan singing bowls with Koshi chime sound healing, and tuning fork vibrational healing. 50 min | $225


An educational and experiential treatment that offers a greater understanding of Chinese medicine. After a brief interview, our acupuncturist will gently insert fine needles into the meridian points of your body to stimulate your natural healing abilities. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. 50 MIN | $195

Guest walking the grounds of our wellness resort in Lenox, Ma


Mark Gerow shares his compelling personal story of recovery and resilience to demonstrate a method of attainable, small steps that anyone can successfully navigate. If you have ever felt overwhelmed by stress, sadness, or the confusing barrage of available solutions, see how this simple, easy-to-follow method can elevate your wellbeing. $


Invoke the five elements of Chinese Medicine: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal with a short Qigong practice. Make this your take-home tool to manage stress at home and strengthen your mind/body connection. Balance your energy with awareness and manifest vitality out of the transformation of breath, matter, and intention. You will be guided in passive stretches inspired by Thai/Shiatsu meridian massage that move progressively deeper into the spine and brain with Craniosacral therapy. Finally, you will enter a state of profound relaxation in a Tibetan Singing Bowl sound bath and healing crystal chakra-balancing session. 100 MIN | $385