Creative expression

Creative Expression

Awaken your creative side with an array of classes and workshops that take a fun, innovative approach to art and photography and are led by resident artist instructors.

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Tap into your creative spirit by using the side of a horse (that’s right, a horse!) as your canvas. We use a living canvas to remind us to stay present and grounded in our storytelling. Wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes, and bring a hat, sunscreen, and water bottle. Note that this can be a messy experience. Seasonally offered. 110 MIN | $75


Seasonally offered


Join our Miraval photography specialist Greg Cherin for a scenic drive to the highest elevation in Massachusetts: the peak of Mt. Greylock. Find limitless photo opportunities from the summit with panoramic views extending into New York, Vermont, and eastern Massachusetts. Slow down, be present, and learn Greg’s tips and tricks for taking stunning photos. 180 MIN | $75



Mandalas are circular geometric patterns created as a means for meditation through repetition of and devotion to a task, representing universal connectedness. While they look intricate, mandalas are something everyone can make. This class guides you through the basic steps of designing your own mandala. $



Take a stroll around the resort and work on creating images vs. snapping. Gain awareness of available natural light and compositional elements to create a stronger, more interesting image. No technical applications will be discussed. Bring any style camera: iPhone & Android. 50 MIN



Learn how to use the many functions and hidden tricks of your camera phone. Learn how these functions work to improve light, focus, filters, and panoramic shots. We will also cover the basics of editing right on the phone. This class takes place both inside and outside. 50 MIN

Craft Your Own Mala

Malas can offer a greater understanding and integration of conscious and subconscious thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Discover a new way to find meaning and perspective in the present moment and throughout your life. Create your own mala and bring its grounding and centering energy home. 110 MIN | $125

The Way of the Wheel

Learn to center yourself in this journey from clay to vessel by connecting to your body and breath. Controlling the spinning of the clay, like the spinning of our minds, can seem like a daunting task. We can feel helpless, or we can choose to learn how to take the first step and become centered. Explore this process through seated yogic movement and breath, as you discover the joy of connecting with clay to shape, spin, and restore it on and off the wheel. 90 MIN | $75


Handbuilding is a method of forming a vessel from pre-rolled clay slabs. Join this class to create a piece of art to share with others as you explore the concepts of giving and receiving. Upon completion, release your clay creation and relinquish ownership to a future guest, who will receive its nurturing benefits. In turn, you may choose a vessel, lovingly made by a previous guest, to take with you. Pay it forward in this community-oriented experience of interconnectedness, compassion, and creativity. 90 MIN | $75


West-African Style Hand Drumming is a dynamic and interactive exercise in connection, self-reflection, breathing, and empowerment. The primal pulse, vibration, and entrained left/right movement supports a deeper connection to self and others while making music, exploring self-expression, and having fun. 75 MIN | $75

Create Your Own Apothecary

Transport your senses through a symphony of aromas to delight your sensibilities and spirit by making a custom aromatherapy rollerball. By using certified pure therapeutic grade oils, you can discover nature’s remedies for body, mind, and spirit. Sample a selection of various essential oils and learn about their healing properties while formulating your personal aromatherapy blend to take home in a handy, portable applicator. 75 MINS | $75

Cultural Photography

Bring any type of camera and learn tips from our professional photographer. Forage for artistic images across the vast variety of cultural and historic sites within the Berkshire county landscape, including Chesterwood, The Mount, Berkshire Botanical Gardens, and Tanglewood. Be inspired by the writers, musicians, and thinkers who have left their mark in these meadows. It is helpful, but not essential, to have a fundamental understanding of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. 105 MIN | $55

Rhythm & Writing

Absorb the rhythmic and melodic improvisations of live drumming to inspire your writing and anchor your thoughts to a meditative beat. Utilizing a variety of instruments, percussionist Adrian Bennett will improvise spirited compositions to inspire a connection to the present moment and create a deeper space for journaling, poetry, memoir, and art. Take home a signature Miraval journal to continue your practice. 45 MIN | $45

Snapshots of Splendor

This beginner’s level hike opens your eyes and heart to the wonder of the woods. Join us for a spectacular walk with Mark Gerow through old growth to include majestic hemlock forests, an ancient “lone wolf” oak, active beaver dams, and waterfalls; an awe-inspiring space that many are reluctant to leave. Experience a delightful way to de-stress, make deeper connections to mindful moments, and promote overall health and wellbeing. Bring your camera to document this adventure with photos to remind you of the McLellan Reservation’s stunning splendor. This activity is a great follow-up to the Artful Photography Stroll. 135 MIN | $55