Spirit & Soul

Spirit & Soul

Explore the various dimensions of wellbeing beyond the body and mind. Discover your soul's journey and learn how to integrate this new wisdom into your life.

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Peruse the seven chakras of your energy system. Learn how they affect your mind, emotions, body, and spirit. Gain clarity in how to balance each chakra to harmonize your whole being. 50 MIN


PERCEPTION OF SOUND: A Sensory Journey into Mindfulness

Vibrational sound specialist Rudra Bach utilizes his sonic theology and sound healing education to create a unique therapeutic soundscape specifically designed to use our sense of hearing as a gateway into profound meditation. This approach helps us exercise our mindfulness muscles by using sensory deprivation to connect us to the present moment as we focus solely on what our ears communicate to us. A plush eye pillow removes optical stimuli from our perception while relaxing in a suspended silk hammock promotes a feeling of weightlessness. A rare collection of antique Tibetan singing bowls are strategically placed around the room to draw your attention to the location of specific tones as Rudra masterfully conducts a surround-sound symphony. 60 MIN | $109




This introduction to the therapeutic uses of sound waves and natural frequencies helps you understand the movement and medicine harnessed through established sound-healing practices. Explore the spiritual science and philosophy of vibrational therapy and familiarize yourself with some of the most effective vibrational tools, such as singing bowls, tuning forks, and the subtle frequency of flower essences. Discover how vibrations interact with the body and assist in maintaining harmony, balance, and wellbeing. 50 MIN



Learn about the process of energy healing and how we can harness this energy with our hands to redirect its flow. This guided meditative experience helps you connect to the healing energy that radiates from your heart and teaches you to use your hands to channel it, rebalance, and align with higher frequencies. Practice energy handholds that can amplify the celestial light that emanates from your core throughout your entire being. This experience starts with an aura photo which captures the colors of your electromagnetic energy, giving you a visual that offers a right-brained awareness of your subtle energy field. This workshop is often paired with the "Capture Your Aura" workshop to learn to read aura photos using the chakra system as the basis for interpretation. 75 MIN | $89


BECOMING LIMITLESS: Empowerment Through Chinese Astrology

We are all born with strengths, weaknesses, and life lessons that help us grow. Our personal destiny chart shows us where we are holding ourselves back and the limiting beliefs that prevent us from achieving our greatest potential. With the guidance of Chinese Metaphysics specialist Beth Grace, dive deep into your personal Chinese astrology chart to reveal how you can optimize your physical, mental, and spiritual wellness, which can empower you to become limitless. Please provide birth date and time at booking. 75 MIN | $79



Beth Grace examines the similarities and differences between Chinese Astrology and Western Astrology. She explores the birth charts of well-known celebrities to exemplify how much you can discover about health, wealth, and relationships just by looking at a birth chart. 50 MIN


Aura Photo Stories

You will be amazed at what an aura photo can reveal. Raya Buckley shares stories behind various aura photos she has collected over the years. Hear and see the tales of people whose auras Raya captured during her healing practice, reflecting experiences ranging from young love to post-9/11 recovery. 50 MIN

Capture your Aura

Unseen by the naked eye, your body, mind, and spirit resonate as energy and color. Learn how your unique energy field can be shown using the Aura Camera 6000 and what the colors of the aura mean. Aura photos will then be taken and developed as 4x6 prints to take home. 50 MIN | $79



Join internationally recognized Feng Shui expert Beth Grace for an Asian-inspired cocktail or alcohol-free elixir and learn about the magnificent Feng Shui Dragons: the mountains and landforms surrounding the Miraval Berkshires property. We will stroll around Wyndhurst Mansion to discover how the mansion is perfectly positioned to harness the powerful Qi energy created by the surrounding landscape and why this makes Miraval such an ideal environment to indulge in health and wellness activities. 50 MIN | $59


Cacao is an ancient medicinal plant from South America used in traditional ceremonies to open hearts and bring communities together for thousands of years. Sip ceremonial grade cacao and immerse yourself in an extraordinary sound journey guided by Dayla Robinson, including voice, movement, and singing bowls. This uplifting ceremony lets you observe and participate in a timeless ritual of bliss. *Do not consume any food or caffeine at least one hour before the ceremony. Come hydrated and bring a water bottle, journal, and pen. 110 MIN | $109


Join Dayla Robinson for a releasing and renewal ritual that guides you to let go of negative energy from 2021 and intentionally summon positive energy for 2022. This ritual is designed to help you manifest your dreams for 2022. 50 MIN | $79


Let this transformational ceremony sweep you into the magic of the pine tree. Sip pine needle tea and hear ancient stories about the medicinal and mystical properties of this conifer. A guided spiritual meditation offers an opportunity to release issues and welcome the calm and stillness of the arboreal realm. 50 MIN | $79


Held in the Vibrational Sound Chamber, this class gives participants an opportunity to watch and learn how to play Singing Bowls as a way to deepen their mindfulness practice. Each session will include experiential exercises to better understand the influence of sound on the human body. You will learn how to listen deeply to the sonic soundscapes you create and become a thoughtful architect of sound meditation. 50 MIN | $79


This unique room was designed to help you unplug from the demands of the outside world. A rare collection of antique singing bowls from Nepal are played to ease you into a relaxed state of mind and body. The Meditation Chamber is an opportunity to become acquainted with the source of your own calm through harmonic sounds, offering rest and quiet self-reflection. 50 MIN | $79


Beth Grace, our Chinese metaphysics specialist, teaches you methods for finding answers to life’s toughest questions in this group workshop. People have been using the I Ching oracle for centuries to ask for guidance. Beth will walk you through the ancient steps of consulting the I Ching and will provide a set of authentic I Ching coins to take home and use whenever you find yourself at a crossroads. 80 MIN | $79


Tibetan Tones

This complimentary session explores the healing power of sound therapy. Rudi Bach, presents the fundamentals of sound perception; discusses the origins, uses, and benefits of singing bowls; and reveals how different tones, vibrations, and frequencies can promote relaxation, quiet the mind, and support the body. Participate in a brief meditation and guided breath-awareness practice to experience the soothing influence of sound on the nervous system. 50 MIN

SONG OF THE ROSE: A Guided Meditation

Take a journey with Dayla Robinson in this meditative plant ceremony that helps you connect to your inner self, your loved ones, and the natural world. Dayla’s discussion of plant intelligence and communication will introduce you to the Song of the Rose – a sampling of the flower’s frequency, captured by a unique device called Music of the Plants that translates a plant’s vibrations into audible melodies. Sip rose tea before beginning a gentle, guided meditation surrounded by the sound of roses and blessed with the light of rose quartz crystals. The rose symbolizes self-love and an open heart. Its energy soothes and brings solace, offering companionship and contemplation. Rose’s song echoes the sound of the heart. 50 MIN | $79


Experience a gentle sound immersion that will balance your chakra system by absorbing the healing vibrations of crystal singing bowls. The bowls create beautiful and peaceful tones that allow your mind, body, and spirit to harmonize energy. This workshop guides you through meditation into your heart chakra where you will explore the vibration of Divine Love living inside you. Learn about the healing power of sound and explore tones and mantras that you can use to balance your chakra energy system. 50 MIN | $79

Seasonally Offered

TREE CEREMONY: The Magnificent Maple

This ceremony honors one of our oldest trees, the Grandmother Maple. Named for its age and wisdom, it transmits the knowledge of the forest to newly sprouted saplings and vibrates with the essences that bind our ecosystem. Join Dayla Robinson for a cozy, moonlit, fireside experience and learn about the loving, peaceful, and healing connections between people and trees. Release negativity with a sacred herb smudging, warm your spirit with a maple syrup-infused tea, and engage in an ancient breathing exercise. Recline to the sound of Dayla’s music and instruments, as she guides you through this healing journey. Make sacred intentions and prayer ties to grace the branches of this maternal, magnificent maple as you conclude in a circle of gratitude and connection. 80 MIN | $79



Join Dayla Robinson for a fascinating glimpse into the near-death experience and personal journey that transformed her from observer to creator and awakened a deep spiritual connection to the wisdom of the natural world. Discover your own origins through the power of ritual and intention setting and learn how to cultivate ceremonial customs in your daily life. Dayla’s practice is rooted in the sacred ceremonies of several Indigenous cultures, including the Star Elders of the Lakota. She rises from a rich tradition of collective learnings to explore how people can glean elemental wisdom through insight, ancestry, and ritual. 45 MIN



Chinese metaphysics can reveal an illuminating blueprint and road map for your career, health, relationships, and passions. Learn how it can help you utilize divine timing to your advantage and how it can empower you to take charge of your destiny. 50 MIN


Explore your unique celestial superpowers. Receive a personal Chinese Astrology Chart to discover your spiritual gifts, talents, and abilities. Learn how to awaken and expand them for empowered and intuitive living. Please supply the date and time of your birth at time of booking. 75 MIN | $79


Intuition has been said to be the highest form of intelligence. Dowsing offers a variety of tools to help you tap into your intuition expand how you work with your highest form of inner knowing. Join expert dowser Beth Grace for an informative hands-on experience to find out which tools work best with your own intuition. 50 MIN | $79

Crystal Clarity

Learn how crystals work and intuitively select one with the benefits you desire, using its color vibration as a guide. Enhance its strengths by imprinting your intention into the stone and attuning it to your personal energy. Leave the workshop with your chosen crystal and an understanding of how it can support your wellbeing and chakra energy flow. 50 MIN | $59



This gentle sound immersion renews your chakra system with the harmonious vibrations of crystal singing bowls. Wrap yourself in a warm and cozy yoga silk swing and enjoy the beautiful and peaceful tones that allow your mind, body, and spirit to synthesize and relax. 60 MIN | $109

Fresh herbs at Miraval Berkshires in Lenox, MA

Rosemary for Remembrance

Tap into the medicinal attributes of the rosemary shrub with Dayla Robinson in this unique, meditative plant ceremony that opens your heart and mind and helps you remember your divine origins. Explore your human connection to nature with a discussion of plant intelligence and perception, and hear the Song of Rosemary, rendered through a remarkable device from Italy that takes the electrical impulse of a plant and turns it into wondrous music. Sip rosemary tea before beginning a gentle, guided meditation. Discover plants’ potential to harmonize and balance your being as you continue your spiritual journey through life. 50 MIN | $49



The labyrinth is a sacred meditation tool with the potential to open the gateway to profound self-discovery. Dayla Robinson shares ancient wisdom about labyrinths in this workshop that teaches powerful techniques for exploring the labyrinth for meditation and inner connection. Dayla will guide you through the twists and turns of Miraval Berkshires’ labyrinth for a meditative journey that helps you let go, quiet your mind, and gain insights into life’s mysteries. 50 MIN

Complimentary | Seasonally Offered


Clear your heart and mind of thoughts and emotions that no longer serve you with Dayla Robinson. Practice applying techniques for releasing negative energy from your home and the spaces you frequently occupy. These tricks can be useful whenever you need to renew your energy and start with a clean slate. 50 MIN

Seasonally Offered

Tree Ceremony: Grandfather Ginkgo

This ceremony honors the oldest tree on our property, the Grandfather Ginkgo. Its many medicinal attributes have been traditionally used to enhance memory and mental awareness while mitigating stress. Join Dayla Robinson for a cozy, tree-side, campfire experience and learn about the loving and peaceful connections between people and trees. Release negativity with a sacred herb smudging, warm your spirit with a Ginkgo-infused tea, and engage in an ancient tree breathing exercise and guided mediation. 75 MIN | $79


Join Dayla Robinson for a guided sound journey to help you gracefully balance the four elements in your body through a four-step metamorphosis: earth (caterpillar), water (cocoon), fire (chrysalis), and air (butterfly). You will be gently immersed in different sound vibrations, ranging from rattles, drums, and flutes to crystal and Tibetan bowls, crystal harps, and a monochord. Intentionally produced vibrations and elemental sounds relax your nervous system and symbolically shepherd you through transformative states of change. 50 MIN | $79