Spirit & Soul

Spirit & Soul

Explore the various dimensions of wellbeing beyond the body and mind. Discover your soul's journey and learn how to integrate this new wisdom into your life.

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Peruse the seven chakras of your energy system. Learn how they affect your mind, emotions, body, and spirit. Gain clarity in how to balance each chakra to harmonize your whole being. 50 MIN


This meditation uses an ancient healing modality that helps alleviate the stressors of modern life through sound healing. Experience the gentle sounds and soothing effects of a symphony of antique Himalayan bowls, some of which are more than 300 years old. These harmonic tones, transfixing and profoundly relaxing, are proven to release tension and reset the nervous system. Emerge feeling calm, centered, and connected to your whole being. This 60-minute meditation, followed by a short discussion, requires no experience and can be practiced either lying down or seated. 50 MIN | $75


Tibetan Tones

This complimentary session explores the healing power of sound therapy. Rudi Bach, presents the fundamentals of sound perception; discusses the origins, uses, and benefits of singing bowls; and reveals how different tones, vibrations, and frequencies can promote relaxation, quiet the mind, and support the body. Participate in a brief meditation and guided breath-awareness practice to experience the soothing influence of sound on the nervous system. 45 MIN


This accessible, interactive workshop is designed for beginner and intermediate students who wish to explore how sound, particularly Himalayan bowl instruments, can promote healing and integration. Each session provides you with the tools and techniques to create sound meditations that inspire your audience to fluidly navigate their internal landscapes. You also participate in experiential exercises to better understand the influence of sound on the human body, both on an intellectual and physical level. Sessions are bolstered by engaging visual materials such as diagrams, videos, and illustrations that enhance your practice and can help you achieve more powerful results. 50 MIN | $75


Experience a gentle sound immersion that will balance your chakra system by absorbing the healing vibrations of crystal singing bowls. The bowls create beautiful and peaceful tones that allow your mind, body, and spirit to harmonize energy. This workshop guides you through a meditation into your heart chakra where you will explore the vibration of Divine Love living inside you. Learn about the healing power of sound and explore tones and mantras that you can use to balance your chakra energy system. 50 MIN | $75

Seasonally Offered

TREE CEREMONY: The Magnificent Maple

This ceremony honors one of our oldest trees, the Grandmother Maple. Named for its age and wisdom, it transmits the knowledge of the forest to newly sprouted saplings and vibrates with the essences that bind our ecosystem. Join Dayla Robinson for a cozy, moonlit, fireside experience and learn about the loving, peaceful, and healing connections between people and trees. Release negativity with a sacred herb smudging, warm your spirit with a maple syrup-infused tea, and engage in an ancient breathing exercise. Recline to the sound of Dayla’s music and instruments, as she guides you through this healing journey. Make sacred intentions and prayer ties to grace the branches of this maternal, magnificent maple as you conclude in a circle of gratitude and connection. 80 MIN | $75



Join Dayla Robinson for a fascinating glimpse into the near-death experience and personal journey that transformed her from observer to creator and awakened a deep spiritual connection to the wisdom of the natural world. Discover your own origins through the power of ritual and intention setting and learn how to cultivate ceremonial customs in your daily life. Dayla’s practice is rooted in the sacred ceremonies of several Indigenous cultures, including the Star Elders of the Lakota. She rises from a rich tradition of collective learnings to explore how people can glean elemental wisdom through insight, ancestry, and ritual. 50 MIN



Chinese metaphysics can reveal an illuminating blueprint and road map for your career, health, relationships, and passions. Learn how it can help you utilize divine timing to your advantage and how it can empower you to take charge of your destiny. 50 MIN


Join this workshop and learn about your unique celestial superpowers. Receive your personal Chinese Astrology chart to discover your spiritual gifts, talents, and abilities. Learn how to awaken and expand them for empowered and intuitive living. Please provide the date and time of your birth at booking. 75 MIN | $75


For thousands of years human beings have developed and honed tools to glean divine wisdom. These ancient systems and oracles continue to serve as guides in the present moment, both practically (as strategic business planning tools) and spiritually. Beth demonstrates how they can impact modern living and teaches you how to use I-Ching for insight and personal empowerment. 80 MIN | $75



The energy that flows and vibrates through living things can appear as colors in the visible spectrum. Discover a special form of photography that captures a person’s energy by creating a photo of their aura. Gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between colors and wellbeing. 50 MIN


In this workshop Raya Buckley uses Aura Photography to illuminate the colors that express our core attributes of power, love, and insight. She will lead a color spectrum meditation that energizes and clears your energy field, paving the way for clarity and grounded stress reduction. 80 MIN | $45