Wellness Counseling

Wellness Counseling

Invest in yourself by learning ways to make lasting changes for a healthy life. Learn more about what a life in balance may look like for you.

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Explore how our muscles can serve as storage houses for emotional memory. By communicating with our muscle systems, we can access and release stored stress. Mark Gerow gently and safely guides you through a technique of fatiguing muscles that surround the body's emotional center. As the muscles fatigue, they begin to shake, setting off a chain reaction that triggers a reset of the autonomic nervous system. This science-based, visceral approach uses your body as a gateway to release built up stress and anxiety and leave you feeling incredibly relaxed. This is an invigorating experience involving focused physical exercise to achieve tension release. 80 MIN | $75



BALANCING MERIDIANS: Acupuncture & Acupressure

This lecture explores how acupuncture and acupressure work to stimulate meridians from an energetic (Qi) and physical point of view. Experience unique body-tapping and gentle stretching techniques to learn how to remove Qi blockages along the 12 meridians. 50 MIN


This workshop is inspired by the traditional Japanese art form of Kintsugi, meaning to join with gold. Participants will reassemble the shattered pieces of broken pottery and highlight the places of repair with richly colored gold lacquer. The process of repairing a vessel examines our relationship with fracture and imperfections, both real and symbolic, with compassionate reflection and a renewed perspective on what it means to be whole. Instead of disguising, discarding, or replacing the cracks in art or life, we can render the traces of imperfection with beauty and strength. 90 MIN | $95



Greg Dilsio will examine the principles of Positional Therapy. Learn how to consistently and skillfully apply the proper corrections to common muscle imbalances to reduce pain and improve muscle functionality. 50 MIN