Animal Connections Specialist

Jen Leahey

Meet Jen

Jen manages Miraval Berkshire’s Equine and Animal Connections programs and is passionate about sharing the wonders of animals and our natural world. Jen has dedicated 30+ years to creating connections between people and nature to promote awareness, empathy, and deeper understanding. Drawn to them since childhood, she has worked with numerous species both wild and domestic, ranging from horses and goats to alligators, venomous snakes, and birds of prey. Jen holds both state and federal licenses to care for wildlife that have been injured, or were captive-born, and can no longer survive in the wild on their own. Her non-profit organization, Nature Matters, brings education and direct experiences with these animals to the greater community. Jen feels that when we are able to truly connect with other species we can better understand and learn from them, expand our vision of our own lives, and be inspired to offer more care and empathy for both our natural world and each other.


Healing the Herd * Avian Adaptations: A Lesson in Resilience


Avian Adaptions: A Lesson in Resilience