Spiritual Coach & Outdoor Guide

Mark Gerow

Meet Mark

Mark’s diverse background and 20+ years of experience in the military, recovery rehabilitation, and outdoor guiding informs his approach to healing. He has created a full range of therapeutic tools to work with people who suffer from anxiety, depression, pain and loss of spiritual connection, sometimes due to underlying trauma. Against the backdrop of the great outdoors, Mark uses his “Daily Dose” method, along with mind/body techniques, to address the root causes and driving forces of symptoms. Mark’s path to recovery helps people reprogram their neural pathways, build mindful habits, and release blocks to growth and healing.


Artful Photography Stroll * Mindful Photography Stroll * Qigong


Balance Board Yoga * Mindful Kayaking * Shinrin-yoku * Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga * Tension Release Exercises (TRE)