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Explore our limited-time menu of seasonal festivities, exclusive workshops, visiting experts, and wellness events.



Our thoughtfully curated menu of seasonal festivities, exclusive workshops, visiting thought-leaders, and more are designed to challenge, improve, renew. Delve deeper into an area of personal interest or learn from a speaker who chooses to share their gifts with Miraval.

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Guest enjoying paddleboard Yoga at our wellness resort in Lenox, Ma

June - August 2022

Celestial Summer

Experience the magic of Miraval Resorts under the stars. Our lunar activities allow you to soak up the energy-filled moonlight and fulfill your intentions.

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August 2022

Hair Loss Awareness Month

Learn from our Master Stylist, Bridget Desrosiers about the importance of scalp care & creating a routine to help maintain (or restore) good scalp health for Hair Loss Awareness Month.

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September 2022

Yoga Month

Celebrate national yoga month at Miraval Berkshires and experience new and innovative yoga classes.

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October 17 - 25, 2022

Authentic Circle Appreciation Week

Join us for a special week that celebrates your loyalty. This exclusive offer includes special rates and extra nightly resort credits to Authentic Circle members, our most loyal guests who have 4 or more qualifying stays.

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Guest walking the grounds of our wellness resort in Lenox, Ma

October - November 2022

Fall Foliage & Season of Gratitude

Inclusive packages and experiences harness the seasons’ transformational energy to foster balance and discovery through mindfulness. Reflect and reset in autumn.

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November - December 2022

Holiday Wellness

Celebrate the holiday season with exclusive seasonal activities, culinary workshops, and easy-to-book packages for every intention.

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