with CEO and Founder of Red Flower, Yael Alkalay

The Red Flower Self-Care, Make Beauty Retreat II

September 21-23, 2018

The Red Flower Self-Care Beauty Makers Retreat is an opportunity to reconsider the importance of self-care in your daily life. Learn the traditional processes that help create life-enhancing beauty products in an engaging series of hands-on programming.
Join Miraval specialists and Red Flower Founder & CEO, Yael Alkalay, for an exclusive weekend of complimentary workshops, dining, and self-care experiences.


Enjoy special programming with hands-on workshops and rejuvenating lectures, including:


7:30-9pm | Rain, Plants: A Celestial Moon Walk

Launch your retreat weekend by joining Red Flower founder Yael Alkalay for an insider look at creating beauty and wellness with the purest ingredients.  Join us after dinner for a moonlit walk through Miraval’s Garden, complete with a desert dessert.  Engage in a conversation about the healing and beautifying power of local herbs and flowers that thrive during the summer monsoon, and take home cuttings of the most fragrant blooms. Enjoy a locally-crafted floral cocktail, gather for the weekend’s demonstrations, and take home a bedside garden sachet for sweet dreams. *Advanced sign-up required.


10-12pm | Distillation Discoveries: The Power of Scented Water

This experience features a live mint distillation and cucumber cold-press demonstration.  Get a glimpse of the process, sample freshly distilled ingredients, and complete your journey with a make-your-own-mist gift.  Hosted in our exquisite new Retreats, Miraval Lead Massage Therapist Ella Hirsh Davidson and Red Flower Founder Yael Alkalay, guide you through the power of scented water from mists to fragrant showers and aromatic baths. See first-hand how the process of distilling essential oils and hydrosols from plants and flowers comes to life and learn how to take the experience home. *Advanced sign-up required.

4-5pm | Buzz in Beauty: An Enfleurage Master Class Beauty Hour

Enjoy cooling honey, botanical cocktails, and fresh appetizers with Yael and Miraval’s resident beekeeper, Noel Patterson. Discover the mystery and majesty of the honeybee and enjoy hands-on offerings and honey tastings.  Enjoy conversation about methods for incorporating honey into your daily beauty ritual. Craft beauty therapies from nature by building on your newfound knowledge of traditional essential oil distillation to create your own cure. This hour includes a step-by-step lesson for creating beauty balms with honey, aloe, and essential oils using ingredients harvested fresh from the Miraval Garden. Make your own enfleurage beauty balm and learn application techniques to kick-start your self-care practice. *Advanced sign-up required.

7-8pm | Spa Sip & Shop

Spa Director Jenn Licciardi joins Yael Alkalay in welcoming you to sip champagne at the Miraval Life in Balance Spa and discover new ways to integrate self-care into your beauty regimen.


7-9am | Sunrise Self-Care: Breakfast Nature Walk

Embark on a guided Sunrise Hike and Meditation, followed by a healthy breakfast and group discussion. Discuss the life-changing benefits of taking ownership of yourself, inside and out.  Learn the science, art, and practice of the regenerative and transformative power of self-care. Leave with key takeaways to bring your practice home as well as a special gift from Red Flower. *Advanced sign-up required.

Meet your Program Leader

Yael Alkalay

Yael Alkalay, CEO and Founder of pioneer beauty wellness brand Red Flower, is thrilled to launch a signature program offering at Miraval Arizona. Yael Alkalay brings to Miraval guests and the Red Flower community the opportunity to cultivate a deeper connection to the land, nature, and the self.

Suggested Miraval Life in Balance Spa + Red Flower Treatment

Summer at Miraval is a time to experience the power of looking up, of gazing into the night sky wonders, of turning up the palms of your hands to feel pounding rain on bare skin. Under the moon, learn about the newest signature Red Flower treatment, inspired by the summer monsoon. Available only at Miraval Life in Balance Spa, The Red Flower Monsoon Experience and The Monsoon Cocoon feature therapeutic aspects guided by the storm, the cycle of the moon, and the aroma of the Moonflower, a night-blooming flower, layered with earthy elements that capture the essence of this seasonal, unique desert experience. A Sonoran Desert monsoon at Miraval is like a water spirit descending the sky in all its might and then swiftly retreating again. There is no foreboding current in the air, no humidity, just the vast sky opening up and leaving a gloriously washed, cleansed, and saturated desert in its wake. Be among the first guests to experience this unique, transformational and cleansing ritual at Miraval.


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