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Roses, Rosé & Crystals Cocktail Party

Roses, Rosé & Crystals Cocktail Party

Wednesday, November 15 | 5:30 - 6:30pm | Hidden Creek Deck
Join us and Well+Good Co-Founder, Alexia Brue, as we celebrate the launch of an exciting new product, The Rose Renewal, intended to promote the ritual of self-care in our everyday lives. Enjoy complimentary rosé, appetizers, and receive a free gift to help jump start your own self-care ritual.

The Rose Renewal Ritual

Indulge your senses in this unique outdoor treatment that combines the renewing energy of rose oils, and rose quartz crystals to elevate positive bodily vibrations and illuminate your skin. Set your intention with the ceremonial lighting of a damask rose candle and inhale love, exhale gratitude. Snuggled in a warm cocoon, chakra stones work on clearing negative energy while you experience a soothing Red Flower Illuminating Acupressure Face Massage™ stimulating circulation, boosting skin firmness, and creating a sense of peace within. Next follows a full body rose relaxation massage to release all physical and emotional tension. The high vibrational frequency of concentrated damask rose essential oil and whole rose essential oil elevate the power of the rose quartz crystal to energize the body and mind, creating a radiant, beautiful inner glow. 75 Min | $245

The gift of self care

A Special Limited Edition Trio

Taking just a few moments to connect with yourself in the morning or evening can be transformative. Well+good x red flower co-created this powerful, beautifying ritual to inspire a space for self-care. In three luxurious steps, the Rose Renewal will help activate your senses, melt away stress, and illuminate your skin with the healing vibrations of rose quartz crystal and damask rose. To be used as a bathing ritual in the tub or a glow-boosting ritual at your vanity.

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