Escape with Shape

November 1-4, 2018

SHAPE is back, partnering with Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa for another luxury wellness weekend designed to help you renew, recharge, and reconnect. Journey to a life in balance with one-of-a-kind workshops curated by SHAPE editors and lifestyle experts, blended with Miraval’s signature programming and specialists.
Experience a weekend filled with world-class workouts, wellbeing workshops, relationship coaching sessions, fashion previews, skin care classes, and so much more. Your SHAPE Escape encompasses everything you need for an unforgettable weekend getaway. All you need is to pack your bags, SHAPE & Miraval will take care of the rest.
Plus, enjoy nightly turndown amenities and gift basket giveaways.

All Packages Include:



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Thursday, November 1

1:00-1:45pm | What Does it Mean to be Human
5:30-6:30pm | SHAPE + Miraval Gift Raffle 

Friday, November 2

7:00am | A Miraval Hike with Brooke Danielson, SHAPE Editor *Advanced sign-up required
8:00-8:45am | Jen 360 Pace + Pump with Jen Widerstrom *Advanced sign-up required
10:00-11:00am | Next Level Living with Brooke Danielson, SHAPE Editor
10:00-12:00pm | Ask Jen – The Connection Between Food and Fitness Q&A with Jen Widerstrom *Advanced sign-up required. 30 minute sessions

2:00-3:00pm | Be The Style with Brooke Danielson, SHAPE Editor
3:00-4:00pm | The Meaning of Motivation with Elizabeth Goodman, SHAPE Editor-in-Chief
3:00-3:45pm | Karaoke Yoga with Jennifer Pastiloff
4:00-6:00pm | Workshop: On Being Human: You Are Enough ($125pp) *Advanced sign-up required
4:30pm | Cocktails in the Kitchen with Jen Widerstrom ($65pp) *Advanced sign-up required
5:30-6:30pm | SHAPE + Miraval Gift Raffle

Saturday, November 3

7:00-9:00am | Be Strong + Fit: Motivational Hike with Jen Widerstrom *Advanced sign-up required
10:00-10:45am | Karaoke Yoga with Jennifer Pastiloff
12:00-12:45pm | Jen 360 Pace + Pump with Jen Widerstrom *Advanced sign-up required
1:30-2:30pm | The Meaning of Motivation with Elizabeth Goodman, SHAPE Editor-in-Chief
2:00-4:00pm | Workshop: On Being Human: You Are Enough ($125pp) *Advanced sign-up required
2:00-4:00pm | Ask Jen – Nurture your mind and body a journey of self-acceptance Q&A with Jen Winderstorm *Advanced sign-up required. 30 minute sessions.
5:30-6:30pm | Closing Night SHAPE + Miraval Gift Raffle

Sunday November 4

5:00-5:45pm | Yoga Inspired Movement




What does it Meant to be Human? 

Join Jen Pastiloff, author of forthcoming “On Being Human” for a real talk about our messy and imperfect lives and what it means to be human, especially now, in an age of social media.

Karaoke Yoga

Find Your Inner Rockstar. A joyous class on becoming more free. There are no solos and everyone sings out loud as we do yoga and sweat and laugh and connect to our inner rockstar.

On Being Human: You Are Enough

Join Jennifer Pastiloff, renowned yoga teacher, speaker and writer, for yoga experiences that truly don’t fit inside the box.  Jennifer travels the world presenting her unique workshop On Being Human – a hybrid of yoga, writing, sharing out loud and an occasional dance party. She’s been featured on Good Morning America, CBS News,, New York Magazine and more. People Magazine says she is changing women’s lives all over the world and Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild, says, “Jennifer is a conduit of awakenings.” Her “On Being Human Workshop” is nothing short of magic. She has created a massive online following from her personal essays and teachings. ($125pp)

Yoga Inspired Movement

Brighten your day with guest instructor Jennifer Pastiloff and seek inspiration, joy and gratitude as she takes you through a vinyasa yoga sequence. This all-levels yoga sequence, led by Jennifer, is both untraditional and motivational.

Be Strong + Fit

Join Jen Widerstrom for this SHAPE signature workout.

Be Connected

Personal and professional relationship coaching with specialist Jennifer Pastiloff.

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Next Level Living

Join SHAPE editor, Brooke Ely Danielson, as she spotlights the wellness trends and products that work harder to make you look and feel better. Discover what powerhouse ingredients
deliver next level results and walk away with tools that help you live a well-lived life.