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Yoga Month at Miraval


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September 2018

Make your yoga retreat about YOU and celebrate National Yoga Month at Miraval this September.
Experience new and innovative classes, like Equine Yoga Stretch and Candlelight Restorative Yoga, created exclusively for Yoga Month by our seasoned yoga team. Reconnect with your personal yoga practice or expand your routine - this is an opportunity to explore and challenge your mind, body, and spirit.
Enjoy as many classes as you'd like to suit your personal wellbeing goals and intentions. You’ll be able to customize your yoga retreat from the wide selection of offerings below. Let Miraval help stretch your body and mind to a new level of unity and balance this Fall. Though no minimum stay is required, we recommend three- and four-day retreats.

Yoga Month Schedule
Miraval Exclusives:

10:00-10:45am | BOGA Yoga: Intermediate *Advanced Sign-Up Required
12:00-12:45pm | Core Yoga: Advanced
2:00-2:45pm | Yoga Essentials: All Levels

9:00-9:45am | Rise & Shine Yoga: Intermediate
10:00-10:45pm | TLC Yoga: Intermediate
11:00-11:45pm | Pre-Natal Yoga: All Levels
12:00-12:45pm | Yoga Groove: Advanced
1:00-1:45pm | Desert Waves Yoga: Intermediate ($45pp) *Advanced Sign-Up Required

7:00-7:45am | Yoga Stretch: All Levels
9:00-9:45am | Rise & Shine Yoga: Intermediate
1:00-1:45pm | Yoga Essentials: All Levels
2:00-2:45pm | Aerial Yoga: Advanced ($75pp) *Advanced Sign-Up Required
3:00-4:30pm | Yin/Yang Yoga: Advanced

9:00-9:45am | Rise & Shine Yoga: Intermediate
10:00-10:45am | Yoga Groove: Advanced
11:00-11:45am | Slow Flow Yoga: All Levels
1:00-1:45am | Yin Aerial Yoga: All Levels ($75pp) *Advanced Sign-Up Required
2:00-3:30pm | Root Wisdom Workshop | $125pp
7:00-7:45pm | Candlelight Restorative Yoga: All Levels
8:00-8:45pm | Celestial Yoga: All Levels

7:00-7:45am | Yoga Stretch: All Levels – Sept 7, 14, 21
9:00-9:45am | Rise & Shine Yoga: Intermediate
10:00-10:45am | Aerial Yoga: Advanced ($75pp) *Advanced Sign-Up Required
12:00-12:45pm | Aroma Flow Yoga: Intermediate
4:00-4:45pm | Yoga Essentials: All Levels

7:00-9:00am | Equine Yoga: Advanced ($75pp) *Advanced Sign-Up Required
9:00-9:45 | Rise & Shine Yoga: Intermediate
10:00-10:45am | Core Yoga: Advanced
1:00-1:45pm | Desert Waves Yoga: Intermediate ($45pp) *Advanced Sign-Up Required
4:00-4:45pm | Yin Yoga: All Levels

9:00-9:45am | Rise & Shine Yoga: Intermediate
10:00-11:30am | Yoga Flow: Advanced
1:00-1:45pm | Yoga Wheel: Intermediate ($45pp) *Advanced Sign-Up Required
4:00-4:45pm | Dream Yoga: All Levels
8:00-8:45pm | Celestial Yoga: All Levels

Special Events

Yoga Month Miraval Exclusives:

Equine Yoga

This unique offering encourages guests to unify mind and body through a guided sequence of movements both on horseback and the ground. Horses pick up on our energy and emotional state, allowing us to be mindfully aware of our breath and identify individual muscle groups. By blending yoga movements and equine interaction, we explore issues of control, trust, and vulnerability in a safe, supervised environment. *Note - Each guest will be accompanied by a equine instructor. Please wear closed toed shoes.

Prenatal Yoga

Experience a prenatal yoga class that is focused on creating ease, confidence and awareness within an ever-changing body. Move with the freedom to acknowledge the bond and challenges that come from creating life.

"Each and every yoga teacher was wonderful; yoga outdoors looking out over the mountains was definitely one of the highlights of the trip."

– guest from NY

Celestial Yoga

Breathe in the aromatic desert air, listen to nature's nocturnal sounds and gaze at the stars during shavasana. This unique yoga offering will be leave you in a state of complete serenity. *Advance sign up required.


Explore your energy centers, known as your chakras, as you focus on opening the energy of the 3rd solar plexus, 4th heart and 5th throat chakras by both strengthening and stretching the core, the shoulder girdle and the jaw.


Experience the combined benefits of yoga and aromatherapy in this unique yoga class. Mindfully selected essential oils will be applied/diffused to help balance your seven chakras along with corresponding yoga poses. From root to crown, you will feel energized and harmonized, while manifesting your physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing.

With personalized attention to your needs and skill level, build a yoga practice or simply learn something new


Partner Yoga
Dream Silks
Aerial Yoga
Desert Waves
& more


Guest Favorite Yoga Retreat Spa Service


NÄGA incorporates the healing principals of Thai Massage and the use of suspended silk, which allows the practitioner to take you in deeper stretches. This service is perfect during yoga retreats as it eases blockage, aches and pains, stress and tension, flexibility and postural alignments.

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