Ease chronic pain, revive tired muscles, stretch deeply, and more when you receive targeted bodywork sessions. Our expert therapists use a mix of techniques to correct posture and soothe pains.

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Begin with an in-depth assessment to customize your massage. Balance your musculoskeletal system and address areas of chronic tension, tightness, and bound-up connective tissue that restricts muscles from functioning in concert with each other. This specialized massage utilizes each therapist’s talents and “tool box” of modalities. Your therapist works skillfully to relax restrictions and activate areas of need, working to improve your body’s innate balance. 90 MIN | $415 • 60 MIN | $355


Prepare for a peaceful night of restorative sleep with this unique combination of aromatherapy, tapping, and acupressure. Begin your escape with a gentle chamomile inhalation, followed by a soothing face, neck and shoulder massage with grounding frankincense and rosehip facial oil. Feel cradled by gentle, rhythmic rocking techniques that prepare you for a restful massage with lavender blossom oil. Warm towels steeped in magnesium-rich broth embrace your legs, while sleep-inducing acupressure points are activated to rapidly quiet the mind and invite restful slumber. 90 MIN | $310


Enter a state of total relaxation with a massage for the hands, feet, and scalp. This spa-trio technique is infused with essential oils to soothe and soften the skin; an added grounding emulsion delivers a feeling of repose and calm. 60 MIN | $210


This stimulating massage with arnica and camphorous rosemary encourages circulation and relieves muscle soreness and stiff joints while energizing the senses. Excellent for tight, tired, and sore muscles. Relieves pain and improves flexibility. 90 MIN | $325 • 60 MIN | $230


This customized full-body Swedish massage treats you with calming lavender blossom and sunflower oil. The healing power of mountain herbs and deeply relaxing massage techniques are combined to ease fatigue and soothe the senses. 90 MIN | $310 • 60 MIN | $210

Focus Massage

Ease tense, aching areas with this targeted treatment. Your therapist will skillfully select the most suitable massage techniques and oils where needed. 30 MIN | $120